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Has anyone not been able to have laparoscopy operation because of being ill, in pain, exhausted and not sleeping the night before?


I was unable to have my laparoscopy on Monday morning as I was feeling ill, exhausted, pain from endometriosis all night and just couldn't sleep. Also, I was getting over a cold and my chest felt sore. I explained this to the hospital and they told me if I was feeling unwell then I shouldn't come in for the operation. I felt devastated and upset after getting ready and prepared for it and can't believe it happened. Although, I think it was the right thing as I had concerns about how my body would cope and after effects as I also have ME/chronic fatigue syndrome. My next preliminary date for the operation is 4th March which I suppose isn't too long and I may get a cancellation. It's just all an anti-climax and getting used to things being on hold for longer.

I'm going to see my doctor to get something to help me sleep the night before for the next time when I have my laparoscopy operation to remove adhesions and the outer shell of a cyst I had drained in May last year. Also, I was thinking of asking him to refer me to a hypnotist or hypnotherapist to have some hypnosis to help me sleep.

Does anyone have any advice to help sleep or medications they were prescribed that helped them?

Thank you


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I think valerian root is really good to help promote natural rest and sleep. Yea hypnotherapy has been good too, to just help with relaxation techniques.

Hope all goes well for the next op date, if you do feel unwell again, maybe still go because the nurses on the phone may not give accurate info about not sleeping means no op, unless the cold is in full swing it usually doesn't make a difference, and I have never slept well the night before an op, they never seem to have cared!

Thank you for your message and advice. I hope my GP can help me with hypnosis. Yes, maybe I would have been OK going in. Unfortunately I can't go back in time and change things. I wish I could.



I was ill like you were, days before the lap and they also refused to operate as it is very risky to (the chest infection) to cause pneumonia because of the tube the use during general anaesthesia. I had to take antibiotics stay at home and I did the surgery one week later but it was private, so I guess thats why it was done so quickly.

Try to push for another date sooner if you feel you cant cope with the symptoms.

Good luck

Jo xx

Anna5 in reply to jojo777

Thank you for your message. I'm waiting for a definite date. I think I'll wait a couple more days for my letter, then maybe phone the hospital to ask if they could get me in earlier if it is 4th March. I'm due for an overnight stay because I live on my own with no-one to look after me for 24 hours and I didn't know if my parents would be around. Maybe I can get it changed and get an earlier date as my parents are around for next month.


Hi I'm sorry to hear ur op was cancelled, I also suffer with insomnia now due to severe endo n a prolapsed disc, I've tried everything, the best thing that has helped me was an app on medidation( n I carnt normally relax) I put my headphones on n listen to it n at first I thought no way is going to work, it's been 3 days now n I for asleep, please try it as it does work.

Anna5 in reply to Andypandy

Thank you for your message. Yes, I think I will try a meditation or guided imagery cd to help me relax and sleep.


The app I got was called sleep well, n I never thought it would work, when u first listen to it, u think what no way, but it really has helped me, I hope u get some sleep.

Yes the relaxation sounds are good, sometimes I find one on YouTube on my phone I type nature relaxation sounds, and something like birds or waterfalls, or the sea comes up, I always fall sleepy and don't hear the end, its very good. X

Hi Anna

Sorry to read your op got cancelled due to being unwell.

I think many ladies feel apprehensive the night before a lap or other surgery and I know I dont sleep well as I have lots of worries and thoughts going round my head. Sometimes its silly things like will my alarm wake me up on time or will I sleep in and miss my theatre slot.

It is the usual policy of not letting a post-op patient be discharged the same day if they are going to be home alone with no other responsible adult there. This is just a precautionary measure beacuse you have had a general anaesthetic but a good reason for why they wish you to stay in hospital overnight. If your parents will be around then this would mean you can leave the same day if all goes well. And fingers crossed it does, x

To help you sleep you could try putting some lavender oil on your pillow as this is meant to be a calming and relaxing oil which helps you drift off to sleep.

Hope this helps

Caroline, x

Hello Andypandy

Thank you. I will look out for this one. I'm pleased that it has helped you.


Hello hopefully

Thank you. Yes, I've listened to one like that before with the sound of the sea and it helped. I I think I'll try it again. It's really good that you don't hear the end of it because you're asleep.


Hello Caroline

Thank you for your message

I guess it's normal to feel a bit apphrehensive before an operation. I think it went through my mind about the alarm clock going off too and making it there on time!

I have some lavender oil so I'll try a bit on my pillow.


Hi there,

I have found that this helps a lot of people to reduce anxiety and sleep better and it is relatively easy to do


just relaxation exercises including a simple breathing exercise which can reduce and even stop a panic attack in some cases before it hits "red" so to speak

Give it a go... :) and good luck for next time xx

Hello crystal_Willow

Thank you for your message and link to relaxation exercises. I will try them especially before going to bed.


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