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Can't believe I'm posting this but hey.... I had an operation 2 months ago for endo and had alot of it removed from pod,ovaries and a nodule etc. It was done through 4 incisions and I've recovered quite well... however I no longer seem to be able to hold my wee like before 🙈 I went on a trampoline the other day and abit of wee came out 🙊🙊🙊 this never happened before... anyone else? ... does this get any better with time .... Any info would be good. Sorry for the wee info and thanks xx

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Stresshead24 in reply to Hidden

Haha thanks for replying. It's not a daily problem but have noticed it since the op. I have a 6 yr old and haven't noticed it before the operation 🙈 I wonder if it's all still healing inside ? 😕 xx

This has been me for 7 years lol! My twins wrecked my pelvic floor! I can't bounce without a Tena lady 😂😂😂😂

Stresshead24 in reply to L1nz86

Oh gosh.. it was when I was running about with kids the other day not just the trampoline 😕🙈

Ask your doctor to be refered to a physiotherapist that specialises in pelvic floors, mine was very week athough I never had any accidents after having a kid. The physio was very helpful and ensures you're doing the exercises right and can even recommend appropriate equipment as not all advertised is safe mine said. Good luck x

This happens to women as you get older anyway, I always thought it was to do with childbirth but I haven’t had any kids and I now can’t go on a trampoline at all!

Hey Hun the exact same happened to me after surgery! I literally weed my pants in my sleep the tiniest amount every now and then and I had to rush to go to the toilet If I ever needed to go , this is deffinetly Becuase of bladder sensitivity from the surgery mine went away after 5 months :) hopefully yours will do it feels like I’ve trained my bladder again or something. Xxx

Thank you so much for replying as that gives me hope 😂 as I said it's not awful or a daily thing but it just isn't what it was before the op! Xx

You are very welcome !!! It’s the honest truth I was in exactly the same boat I thought it would never go I’m back to normal now :)

Yey! Did u do loads of pelvic floor exercises ? I find it's worst when I first get up in the mornings xx

I surprisingly didn’t do any :) it just kind of went away on its own but honestly I noticed it straight after my endo excision I was running to the toilet, constantly felt desperate to go and was weeing myself . I thought it would be permanent but over time it went away I think it’s he ause the bladder is under trauma during and after surgery and needs sometime to heal there I just trained myself to hold it in an voila :)

Hi Stresshead24,

Exercises with jade egg have helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor and bladder. Hope you find what helps you x


Hi I was in a similar position following my surgery but don't worry as things are healing and it does go back to normal. Be kind to yourself and take things gently. ☺

Thank you I had quite alot done and think i have underestimated how long it takes to fully heal xx


I have been like this after having my op two weeks ago. I just can't hold it like I used to. I find myself also weeing in spurts if that makes sense.

Call your GP to be on the safe side.

All the best xxx


I've had this since my op 6 weeks ago, was told it was because the bladder can get bruised when they're in there.

I've got stupidly tight pelvic floor musclesand still find myself suddenly desperate or justifying wee come out randomly, and I still can't wee properly! Was told it would settle soon so fingers crossed x

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