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How to do you manage your negativity?

I am feeling very low, from trying to process and try to action so many different suggestions of how to manage my condition while off sick from work awaiting surgery. I have found myself becoming very negative and I struggle not to talk about only the bad days in reference to my condition. What methods have you found helpful to become more positive around your experience of endo and try to minimise verbalising negative thoughts? How do you moderate the feelings of loss and frustration you feel and where do you draw the line in order to process these feelings in a healthy way?

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Hey honey! Totally understand you cause I felt the same when faced a terrific diagnosis. I'm suffering from endometriosis in a neglected form and hormonal imbalance, so can't have children by myself. I can adwise you to communicate more with people who have similar troubles with yours - you'll find out you waste your time more efficiently and pleasant when someone understands you. That's why you can always text me, will be glad to support you or entertain in some way to make your mood higher :) My email is Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi I actually find that since i came on this site i feel a bit better about what is going on. It makes a huge difference to talk to people who actually get it!! You can ask anything here and you will get lovely responses from the ladies or just tell us how you feel and we will sympathise with you. I no longer speak to family or friends about it as they don’t understand. We are all here for you 💕x

Hi! I am very new to this as well, and was recently diagnosed through surgery for something else entirely - i found it really really difficult to start of with as my risk of struggling to have children is high. But i did find that speaking with the medical people who were in touch with me were an amazing help, and have put together a plan for me to support the condition. In my personal life, i found speaking to friends and family, and picking up new hobbies was really good! Following my surgery, i had to drop all physical exercise for 3 months, so new hobbies were key! Have to try and focus on the good bits still - and speak to the people who understand :)

Dear K-ron,

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so low.

I understand that you don't always want to come across as being negative when you talk to people about the condition but it is only natural that if you are feeling bad, that you would want to tell people how you are feeling.

I agree with the others who have commented about communicating with others who understand, either on this forum or elsewhere. I don't know if you are aware but Endometriosis UK do have a free confidential helpline run by volunteers where you can speak to someone about how you are feeling. You can find details of when it is open here:

They also have support groups where you can meet and talk to others with endometriosis and you can see if there is one in your area here:

I do find if you are able to verbalise any negative feelings to people who understand, and maybe allow yourself time to express your frustration, it really does help and will help you process everything.

I hope this helps and take care. We are all here for you if you need us.


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