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Polycystic ovary and suspected emdemotious


Hello all, I'm new to this and very grateful to be able to write and get some help advice. So after having my second son 15months ago I bleed every day since, i went back onto the depo injection which I've always been on with no periods and no problems back into normal cycle for when trying for each child. Except this time round bleeding didn't stop (making up I think haha) so see gyno and have biops taken and full smear all comes back clear. So advice it's contraception and to change so doc says copper coil to help with hormones so try that and still no joy... have pill on top and still no luck! No just the bleeding but intense pain especially when in my cycle time and pain when opening bowls, pain during and after intercourse... the list goes on! So finally have coil taken out have even bigger bleed and pain so bad in a&e they do nothing send me home with pain killers! Then back 2 docs goin mad demanding ultrasounds, finally had ultrasound last week and had cysts over my left ovary so diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and suspected emdemotious. I'm now awaiting a letter from gyno to arrange to have a laparocopy. I'm a little lucky as one of my best friends has polycystic ovaries and the other has has emdemotious of the pelvis and had that sorted now awaiting op as had pelvis and bowl this time. I'm in so much pain on a daily basis and really struggling. All my bloods come back fine and I'm very small yet losing weight like you wouldn't believe as since I stop breastfeeding I totally lost my appetite and with all this going on just hasn't come back due to feeling so upset about the whole situation. Getting so close 2 getting this all sorted but feel like the journey is only just beginning 😥 I'm confused on the stages and how much it can spread! So let down by my doctor and gyno assuming all horome/contraception related and even with some results still feel so lost and confused at what has/is happening to my body. Sorry for the essay and hoping someone can understand and maybe pass on a little info/advice.

Thank you xx

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Hi. I don't really know how much advice I can give as I have only just been diagnosed myself but I really understand the confusion and upset you are feeling. It's all just sinking in how life changing this could be. I have stage 1 endometriosis and also have PCOS affecting both ovaries. I had been having painful bowel movements for a long time as well as lots of painful cramps daily. I had a laparoscopy a few weeks ago and the endometriosis was removed from my pelvis and appendix. My consultant has said it will grow back in a couple of years and has suggested hormone tablets to try and delay this as much as possible. I'm trying to decide at the moment what to do. There are more natural approaches but I need to do some research.

Stage 1 is minimal, stage 2 is mild, stage 3 is moderate and stage 4 is severe. Maybe have a look online re the stages as it goes into more detail. My understanding is that the stage of endometriosis you have doesn't necessarily match the symptoms and pain you are in. So someone could have stage 4 but have no pain/symptoms and someone else could stage 1 and have really bad pain/symptoms.

I hope your laparoscopy goes well and you get the help and treatment you need.

I am always here if you just want to talk to someone in a similar situation. I know I can feel I don't want to talk with friends and family sometimes as I don't think they understand or I don't want to keep going on about my worries.

All the best!

edodd24 in reply to Avo123

Thank you so much for your reply, just feel abit lost as been trying so hard for so long to get answers and now I've got some it's just a little numb feeling... lost in the fear of having the laparocopy done 😥 so in a little way stage doesn't come into with symptoms, only once they actually get in they find out the full information. I'm so tired all the time and the pain some evening (only time I stop with the kids) gets unbearable! Fingers crossed all your pain gets better now they removed it but as everyone says then always waiting for it 2 come back! Thank you again xx

Avo123 in reply to edodd24

It's all just overwhelming at the moment and there is a lot to think about and learn. I try to stay positive and be grateful that I now have answers, I could still be in limbo!

Please don't worry about the laparoscopy. Just focus on the fact it will give you the answers you need rather than focusing on the procedure itself. I just kept myself busy whenever I started to think about the operation and tried to distract myself. (easier said than done I know). Before you know it it will all be over!

Yeah the stage refers to how much endometriosis is present rather than how bad your symptoms are. When they do the laparoscopy they will tell you if you have endometriosis, where it was and what stage it was. If you have endometriosis they will remove it during the procedure.

If you have any questions about the laparoscopy then I'm happy to answer them. But I personally think the less you know the better as its only going to make you think about it more.

Something I always repeat to myself when I'm worried or in pain is 'nothing lasts forever, not even the bad stuff!' It always helps to calm me down and before I know it the pain and worries start to drift away.

All the best xx

edodd24 in reply to Avo123

I'm a little lucky as my best friend has had one done before for pelvis and due for another as this time pelvis and bowels so it's more the personal anxiety of the whole situation. The quicker I get the laparocopy done the more I'll know and hopefully happier I'll feel. I worry more about recovery time and my kids (partner time off work) just all the silly things 🙈 I tell myself nothing can be worse than this pain until I worry it's been left that long they will just take the lot or my bowels are covered and end up with a bag!? Again 2 much over thinking, I keep busy in the week with school and groups with my boys and weekend housework washing dinner etc but for me it's the spare hour when little one naps or once they are in bed and everything is done.... it's impossible 2 block out the day 2 day pain but the more busy I am the more manageable I find it until I stop.

Thank you for your kind words and support xx

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