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Advice on further tratment

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all as well as can be. Am after some advice regarding future treatment for my endo.

I’ve recently come off Prostap (Lupron) as the side effects were horrific. I was on it two years ago with little problem - hot flashes and fatigue - and all my pain disappeared. It really did help me so much.

This time however, I cancelled my third injection (monthly) as I felt so ill on it. I was so woozy I couldn’t walk, headaches, nightmares, nosebleeds and awful fatigue. I don’t understand why I reacted so differently to it this time. Does anyone have any idea?

My gynae wanted me on six months of Prosap and then has recommended a hysterectomy. I’m 36 and don’t want any more children. I’ve previously had laparopies to remove cysts and endo tissue.

Can anyone give me any advice on further treatment? I throw up on any contraceptive pill and have been advised the coil wouldn’t be a good idea by the gynae.

Current endo symptoms:

Low right pelvic pain going through to my back, nausea, bowel problems, left sided chest pain, fatigue and tight leg pain.

Thanks so much


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I'm sorry to hear, about the trouble you've been having. I was wondering if you have tried any natural treatments for your endo and perhaps the underlying common difficulties? I was offered zoladex and the alternative was to have a hysterectomy I'm 40 and don't have children but I'm unsure if I want any. Regardless of this I do not want to have a hysterectomy. I did not want to do the treatment the doctor offered and have since been researching alternative treatment options. I've been blown away by the impact alternative treatments can have an endometriosis and other hormone related difficulties such as fibroids (which I also have). Many people talk about the benefits of diet or lifestyle changes but I think that when difficulties are more prominent, that a full-on holistic approach is needed. I think this would require a change in diet that would include the removal of food that can increase oestrogen levels, removal of toxic chemicals been used in the home and cosmetics. And a change in lifestyle so that cortisol levels are not raised for prolonged periods. If there are any underlying emotional difficulties that would create stress, such as unresolved trauma then these would have to be resolved. in addition to all this, it may be required to use some extra hormone management to help bring levels back into balance- bio-identical progesterone cream. I've done a little research into all of this and I am just in the early stages of using the cream but had implemented all of the other changes before this. I recently did an estrogen dominance saliva test and it came back showing that I was oestrogen dominant. I'm on Day 2 of using the progesterone cream and it's too early to say if its helping.

I just thought I'd let you know about this approach just in case you thought it was just the medical approach or nothing.

If you're interested, there are a few books about it all... Healing endometriosis naturally by Wendy laidlaw and what the drs don't tell you about peremenopause by Dr John Lee.

I hope you're this helps. X

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