Should I give up on zolodez

Hi ladies, I'm hoping for a few suggestions, I've been on zolodez for nearly 3 months now, which was originally the time line, but laps been put back so consultant said I can take for another 3 months until op,

Unfortunately I don't feel any better on it. in fact I feel worse thus week, like my bladder is going to explode,

So should I keep putting strong medication into my body if no advantage,????😭😭😭

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  • Hi I was on decepytal ( same as zoladex) last year and it gave me terrible bladder problems going all the time especially at night at least 4 times and this took a while to settle down even after stopping. It did nothing for my pain, I had it for 3 months and the consultant at the time seemed to think if it didn't work after 3 months it wasn't going to work. I really struggled with it too it made me so depressed. I know everyone is different but since you've had the 3 months youve certainly given it a go..personally i dont think you should have anymore its such a strong drug afterall.. good luck X

  • Thank you, I'll ring my consultant in morning, see if I can get some advice, xx

  • Hi Tracy if you're not getting any benefit by now I doubt you will. Unfortunately it can take a long time for side effects to go.

    Go with your gut instinct Hun. Good luck.

  • Thanks Jean, so fed up with second guessing, and trying to make decisions. I feel some what different but certainly no better, just need a flipping date for laparoscopy, how are you doing now??

  • Yeah not to bad. Still been getting some random pains but I'm sure that'll improve. Started my hrt nearly two weeks ago but as of yet no change, hot flushes are still really bad. I'm back to work on Monday unfortunately. Have they given you any idea on when lap is likely to be?

  • Fingers crossed the hrt will kick in soon, such a long journey isn't it, my lap should be end July August time, x

  • Hi I was going to say the same, you know how you feel and if you feel it's not working for you don't suffer, ring them for advice and try something else. Good luck xx

  • Thanks samy, so bored of constantly thinking about it all, just want my life back now, been on sofa all day, 😭😭😭

  • Hi

    I am on my second zoladex injection and so far no improvement in pain in fact probably worse I really thought it would work sorry I don't have any advice just really just to wish you luck and hopefully get your lap soon.

    All the best treez

  • Where was your endo found and have you had any surgery?

  • Hi

    It adenomyosis that showed up on a scan they don't think I have endo I was put on zoladex to see if it helped then they want me to have a hysterectomy.


  • Oh, I had a hysterectomy last July for adenomyosis but also have Endo, and it didn't help with endo symptoms, are u under a bsge centre? And have you had a laparoscopy yet?

  • No I have not been offered a laparoscopy and not at a specialist centre either,they don't think it's endo as only been like this for about 4 years and as I'm 47 I was given zoladex give until they decided what treatment to offer.

  • Well I'm afraid tgat information is incorrect, I'm 40 and have 3 sons, I've always had painfull periods and back aches, but all my other symptoms only start about 3 years ago, I would ask for a refferal to a bsge centre, no one can be sure you don't have Endo until a laparoscopy is carried out, and I wouldn't like to see anyone make the same mistake as me, I decided to be operated on by general gyne, he was very experienced, I had excision of endo then a hysterectomy, and still not much better, I'm now under a bsge centre, and I believe I have Endo left by gyne surgeon, there is no rules with endo, you could start symptoms the very first month of period or after menopause, please see a specialist, look up a lady called Lindle she has some great advice on this, and more, xx

  • Thanks the really helpful I have read a few of lindles posts she knows her stuff.Its a shame that you've had to go through all that I hope you don't have to wait to long for your lap and that you get some relief soon.

    All the best treez

  • Hi

    I hope you don't mind me asking but did you decide to continue with the zoladex? I am into my second month and it's been no help with the pain so not sure whether I should have the last one,I can't see the point myself as if it's going to work it would of by now.

    Thanks treez

  • Yes I'm still on them, I spoke to consultant and he said carry on with them till my laparoscopy xx

  • Okay thanks,hope your pains ok at the moment and hopefully not too long until your lap


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