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Endo and exercise


Girls how frustrating is it when you’re trying to get in to a routine and better yourselves and endo just gives you a kick. I joined a boot camp and have been watching my food but soon as it comes to that time of month my body is so drained and I feel like I turn into a hermit. I had the Mirena fitted in June but still experiencing problems so I’m going to leave it another three months and then see if there’s other options. Any advice on how to push yourself and how to help your body with energy?

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I really feel your pain! I’ve really struggled with this as I try and do yoga and Pilates every day but today I’m walking with a stick and am in no state to exercise. It is so frustrating. I’m not sure if this will help but my partner helped me see that I exercise every day that I’m physically able to and I should be proud of that. I do some light yoga when I’m in pain - but he says this is still more than many people and I should still be proud of myself.

My advice would be to listen to your body and give yourself credit for all boot camp you’ve been doing when you’re not experiencing endo pain. Exercise when you can and take care when you can’t. There’s even some yoga vids out there for menstrual cramps or back pain which might help. Good luck! X

Clover123 in reply to rubysoho

I’ll try YouTube for the videos thank you I never thought of that! I’ve been battling with my weight for so long since I first started with the pains and just want to get back to being myself I do need to not put so much pressure on. Thanks for your reply 🤗

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