Endo and exercise

Hi all - I've been diagnosed by my GP and I'm awaiting my hospital appointment. I've been told to stop exercising - I'm a super keen weightlifter, bootcamper, half marathon runner. I don't think I'm capable of stopping all together - obviously when the symptoms are really bad I do have to take a break but on the whole I find it really beneficial - has anyone else had any experience of this?

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No, but I'm normally a runner too. Haven't been able to do anything at all since Easter, I've just been in too much pain. Supposed to be doing a half in October but it's looking less and less likely. I'm very new to this so can't offer much advice- I guess though, carry on doing what you can do that doesn't make your pain worse

Thanks JK! Sorry to hear you're not able to run at the moment, hope you get back on the road soon!

I find exercise helps, I'm a cyclist, quit running as it made my bleeding really bad, but mostly cycling helps keep me focused and feeling pretty positive. If exercise is causing an increase in symptoms and pain stop/cut back and speak to your doctor, who was it that told you to stop exercising? I've always been told that as long as i'm happy exercising and feeling better for it to carry on.

Thank you! It was my gp I've struggled a lot with fatigue over the last few years so I was told to stop exercising I just find it so beneficial if only for my mental health!

I've never stopped exercise you should go how you feel i have had to cut back when my pain bleeding is heavy. Exercise may make bleeding heavier so take care go with how you are . In fact I did read exercise can help reduce pain.

Thanks so much! I'm just going to carry on and listen to my body!

I play netball and had to reduce the amount I play in the run up to my laparoscopy. Didn't attend training as much due to more intense drills, and still played once a week matches but not positions that required running around all over the court. I found that pushing myself meant I was in quite a bit of pain the next day. I did find swimming was ok though and did some light swimming.

I find running so important in helping me to remain positive and mentally strong. It certainly doesn't improve my endo symptoms and I'm often in pain when I run but I know that I would be in pain anyway. I'd say listen to your own body and do what is right for you both physically and mentally. I've recently taken up a voluntary role as Endometriosis Champion for parkrun UK so am finding this thread really interesting. Hope you can continue to enjoy being active and manage your endo symptoms too.

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