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So low :(


Hi ladies ,

So I have come away on my first holiday away from home today which has been a nightmare anyway. But to top it off I have started bleeding - I’m not sure if it’s full on period or spotting or breakthrough bleeding from my new pill ‘cerazette’ - however I’m just absolutely gutted , I can’t stop crying about it. I have so much pain during intercourses and examinations etc , I’m not able to use tampons so looks like I can’t go in the water or anything this holiday. I AM SO SO GUTTED

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Hi Lucy I feel for you, it’s horrile when you are on holiday and can’t get in the pool to cool down. I know that the GP can give you medication to stop your period for a holiday but the pain afterwards is absolutely horrendous, it’s like labour so I wouldn’t advise that. I have been through it and hope never again. Can you at least sit on the edge of the pool and dip your legs in? X

Thankyou so much for your reply ! I guess I could sit and dip my feet and legs in , I need to try and find some shorts and more pants tomorrow , I just get so paranoid about bleeding through ! Thankyou for your support xx

Madridmeg in reply to Lucy_x

You could try Thinx, the period proof underwear?

Hi Lucy, I'm so sorry you're not getting the holiday that I'm sure you so desperately need. It's so hard when you just want to relax and have some fun but your body just doesn't play along. It's especially hard when you're living with a chronic health condition- you need these holidays even more and it seems so unfair that you're not even getting the chance to swim- it's hardly like you're asking for a lot!! You have every right to feel down and angry about this. Just let all those feelings out- anyone would feel the same.

I also can't use tampons or have sex due to all my endo and a fibroid from hell and I got my period when I went on my past holiday too. I felt so miserable about it and then I felt bad about feeling miserable on holiday and that I was a downer to be around. It was like I was kicking myself while I was down! My period did end before the holiday though and I did actually have a very good holiday despite it all. I really hope that's the case with you. depending on how inflamed I am, I have managed to use the smallest tampons- the lite ones- I'll just use it for a short time just to go for a swim or if I've been to a spa. I'm not sure if that's an option for you? I don't have very heavy periods though so it's less of a risk for me.

Are you away on your holiday with people who understand? I hope you are getting lots of sympathy and people are making things as pleasant as possible for you. Be sure to take real good care of yourself. You might not manage to get into the pool but I'm sure you can still treat yourself with something nice- a massage treatment or something.

Another thing I wondered- did you fly to your holiday? Flying can aggravate endo. I only got diagnosed earlier this year but every holiday when I've flown for the past 8 years or so, I've had really bad symptoms on the second day- I'd wake up sweating and in tonnes of pain, being sick and swollen abdomen. I always thought I was reacting to different water or food but I've since found out it's the endo from the pressure of the flight- it doesn't happen to everyone with endo but it's definitely a thing. It usually calms down in about 24 hours. I've done 2 abroad holidays on the train and was totally fine.

Whatever is going on, I really hope that your body calms down soon and that you still manage to have a great holiday. You've got tonnes of support here. .xx

Lucy_x in reply to weekari

Thankyou so much for your reply . It sounds silly but I quite enjoy turning to here as some support because people really get it !!!

I did travel by plane and that used to make my mums endo worse so perhaps it’s triggered it for me also? I’m away with my boyfriend who , bless his heart , is trying the best he can , silly again- the only person I want after all the drama today is my mum . I don’t think this being my first holiday away from home, plus the added hormones are helping! We’ve even started looking at flights home!!! I just feel so pathetic ! I should be enjoying my holiday , but today has been a complete nightmare , I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and it will be a horrible dream! Cx

weekari in reply to Lucy_x

I think you're kicking yourself while you're down too- you're not pathetic or being silly. You've got a bloody horrible disease (excuses the pun!!) and it's impacting on your enjoyment of your holiday. Holidays don't come cheap and most of us look forward to them for ages- most people get annoyed if it rains for one day on their holiday, never mind a full on onslaught of hormones, blood and pain etc etc. If you need to go home, then that's just what you need to do but please don't give yourself a hard time for it. This is not your fault- you didn't ask for this to happen!

Can you imagine that your bf was suffering from a illness that got triggered while on holiday? How would you be with him if he was upset about it- would you think he was pathetic or silly for being upset about it? Sometimes we're way harder on ourselves than we'd ever be with someone else and I don't think this helps the already rubbish situation you're in. Try to be really gentle and kind towards yourself, you're dealing with enough.

I totally agree about this site btw- I don't know how I would've coped and kept myself sane. There's always someone here to pick us up when we're having a knock.

take care. xx

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