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Weight loss after laparoscopy

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Hello! Hope all your days are going good and pain free. ❤

So i had my Lap on the 15th august. Seems like forever ago!! I had endo pretty much everywhere, so i wont go into too much detail. My surgery took 4.5hrs, and i go back to work this monday(finally, ive been so bored but i dont heal very well so the docs wouldnt let me go back :( )

So, my initial point. Since my surgery, wether its just been a lessening in bloating im not sure. But i have managed to drop 3 dress sizes in 3 weeks. Pre surgery i would buy things between 16-18 depending on the item. I was the biggest id ever been in my life and it completely knocked my confidence. However, even though ive been doing next to nothing for 3 weeks, ive went all the way down to comfortably fitting in a 12! I can even get away with size 10 tops- which is mind blowing to me. I have a wed sept 30th and have managed to buy myself the dress i wanted in a 12 and im loving it! The other dress covered everything and was a size 18 to make sure i was comfy 😬

Post surgery, i was advised that dairy products could seriously work against endo and could be one of the main causes of my weight increase... since, ive quit on dairy(mostly, I still cant refuse a good ice cream...) and the results have came quick! Im going to cheat and start a diet, probably the FODMAP diet as i heard its good for endo, hopefully i can lose more weight since the hard bits already done.

Im mainly posting this as ive saw a few posts on here unsure if the lap is worth it. To me, the confidence ive gained plus (for now) ease of pain is so worth it. Has anyone else experienced drastic weight loss post op? Xo

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Wow that’s amazing & bet you feel fab! I have lost weight but not had surgery yet x

I had a stressful time with work home etc pre-op and post-op so that could be it. Ive saw a lot of girls lost weight pre op as they were stressed about it. Since the op my apetite has pretty much halved. X

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