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Have you had poor care post op?


Hi Everyone,

I was interested in everyone's experiences of post op care- in particular the follow up appt with the consultant. I'm due for my post op appt in october (4 months post surgery). However, there is little information anywhere (this includes endo UK) about what to expect post surgery.

I feel like everyone is so preoccupied with getting their diagnosis or treatment that we just don't think about what is going to happen afterwards. Can anyone provide any information about what their consultant discussed with them at their post op appt so that I can prepare myself? In my case I do not feel that my excision was successful and so want to know what I can do going forwards. Is further surgery recommended? How soon can you have another lap? I have all these questions running through my mind.

My experience post surgery was pretty bad to say the least. I had only been back from recovery 10 minutes (very groggy from my GA and in pain following a 3 and a half hour op) when my consultant spoke to me for less that 10 mins about what she'd found. Given my state at the time I do not remember much at all. At the time I asked her to put everything in a letter to my GP - but this again was very minimal - 'lap with excision, coil fitted, found in X and X location'.

I've read lots of stories on here about people experiencing similarly poor care post lap where they are told the bare minimum by their surgeons and only later find out more information from their GP about THEIR bodies. I'd be interested to know whether this experience has been better for those at accredited centres? My op was by a general gynae surgeon (althought the hospital itself is a specialist centre).

In addition, I think it would be very beneficial for Endo UK to have information on their f&Qs page (or just any information) on POST surgery - and perhaps a suggestion list as to how to prepare or 'questions you may want to ask your consultant at your follow up'

Would be great to hear everyones experiences - both good and bad. x

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I had a lap on 30/04 and my follow up appt is 05/09 so can't tell you whst the follow up is like yet but wanted to say that sometimes it is ages between the appts. After my lap I was in recovery for 6 hrs (had a really bad reaction) the consultant had supposedly come and spoke to me (dont remember) and then went home. He called my OH and gave a brief update and said that I have to have further surgery. The nurses that i had afterwards were not the most

helpful and never gave me a straight answer. I tried to call the secretary and they said they will get back to me (never did) i had to go to my gp who said the consultants notes were that I have severe endo in my bowels and fibroids and will have to have them cut out as I never got a letter but I saw the gps letter it was about 2 sentences! So not been great so far. My previous laps (had 7 in total!) The follow ups were usually quicker were just a brief 10min appt to discuss what i wanted to do, the last few they kept saying they couldnt see anything and it was all in my head!

My gynae is in a general hospital and is not a specialist but has promised me this time that they will help me.

I know others have had better experiences and my first couple of laps they were pretty good but it was the people who they referred me to that let me down.

Sorry for the long post. Hope it helps and good luck with your appt in oct x


Hi Goldencat,

Thank you very much for your suggestions for Endometriosis UK - I will pass them along.


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Hello, I didn't even get a follow up appointment I just got sent home after I had my surgery and that was it. The surgeon did speak to me about it after I had just woken up but he only took a minute and walked away before I could even ask any questions. It was a very poor post op. I've been backwards and forwards to my Dr since and even she said it seemed a bit odd. But still nothing's been done about it. I've been trying to push for another gynee appointment but I can't seem to get one off the NHS.

I hope things get better for you. X

I agree, I had my lap in May and my follow up appointment is due in November but could be as late as January. I'm on Depo injections so I visited my GP last month who asked me how things were going, had everything healed and gave me information about the laparoscopy that were in my notes. Otherwise I would still be in the dark other than the surgeons feedback on the day before my discharge. Thanks to the GP I have now got questions I would like to ask in my follow up appointment, if I'd been getting this information on the day I'd not have a clue what I wanted to know.

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