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Meeting the specialist. Any advice?


Hi everyone, it’s been a long process and 4 year battle but I’m finally meeting an endo specialist next week to discuss surgery, fertility and treatment. I already have a rough idea of the things I want to ask but I just wondered from your experiences is there anything specific I should be asking? Thanks in advance for your responses, Hannah🙂

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Hey, when I saw a specialist at spire, he pretty much told me everything before I could ask him questions 😂 he was very clued up on endo and showed me diagrams so I felt like I was in high school sex ed haha.

I pretty much told him my symptoms and he did a pelvic exam and suspected endo in certain places. He was pretty accurate tbh when I had the lap, endo was found where he said.

Good questions would be like asking about different treatments and which one would be best for you. Or like how would he remove the endo if found during surgery. I had a few questions regarding my lifestyle like how long till I go back to the gym or play sports etc xxxx

Thankyou for your response. I am hoping that this consultant is clued up and to be honest I think first impressions count don’t they? I am worried that he will be impatient or dismissive with me which will put me off straight away. I was thinking of asking what sort of experience he has had in this field etc. I have heard that to become a specialist endometriosis consultant they don’t have to do much training so I’m worried about the inexperience he may have x

Mine was an endo specialist and he really listened and was helpful. They will have had a lot of training i would imagine as they always seem to know more than general gynaes or gps xx

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