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Endometriomas, adenomyosis and fertility



I've recently had an Mri scan done and I'm slightly worried about the results. I'm 36 and hoping to have children, although my recent issues might make this a bit harder than I had hoped. I will be seeing my consultant next month to discuss my results, however I wondered if anyone on here had experience of any of this.

The results show that I have a number of endometriomas, along with an area of adenomyosis, I also have a 4cm dermiod cyst. My uterus is acutely retroflexed too. I've googled much of this, which I know is not always the best thing to do. I'm just wondering how all this may effect my fertility and treatment options.

Thanks all,


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Hi clareshirley36,

I am not much help but have you tried posting on fertility uk? It’s a good network to ask about any fertility issues and a few ladies I spoke to on there had endometriosis.

Hope you get some answers x

Clareshirley36 in reply to D3107

Many thanks for your response, I will certainly post on there. Cheers

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