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Advice post lap


Hi girlies,

I had my lap on Tuesday. Diagnosed with endo and bowel stuck to pelvis/ovaries etc. I’m currently struggling to urinate, I’ve been like that ever since I’ve come round from the op. It’s like I have a UTI and just can’t empty my bladder. I’m managing to empty but only after 5 mins on the toilet of squeezing and trying. Any advice? Is this normal?

Thanks gals

C x

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Did they scan your bladder before being discharged? Or at least make sure you have a wee before leaving?

Was you in over night?

It’s 4 days post op so drs will probably say it’s because of the op. If you can try and get hold of them urine test strips, to rule out any infection. Specially if you had a catheter during your operation x

dogdaft in reply to Holleymuzz

Hi hun,

They measured my urine before I left and said there was enough there to let me go. Was just concerned as this was something I was having before the lap but seems to be worse since waking up! Scared in case they’ve nicked my bladder during the surgery or something.

Will try and get urine sticks and I think if it persists I’ll phone and speak to my doctor for some advice

C x

I was a little like this after lap, everything was swelled and irratated due to having a Cathetor in during surgery. Cranberry juice is good for inflammation and ibuprofen helped me after a few days 🤞you feel better soon. If you can pass urine you should be ok. If it gets worse you may have an infection x

dogdaft in reply to Hazeybabes

Thanks for the advice hun, I’ll keep a good eye on it, will speak to the doctor if it gets any worse

C x

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