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Breast scan found a shadow??


Hi everyone I know not endo related but yesterday I went for a manogram and it didn’t go as planned . The mammogram was clear but she wanted to ultra sound me as she said I had very dense boobs. Anyway she found a shadow and wanted to further investigate so she did a biopsy which was horrible I’m still sore from it. I would use to know if any of u have been through this please ? As I’m so nervous as been told results from biopsy can take up to 2 weeks 😢

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Hello Lizalily.

A couple years ago I had an ultrasound on my breasts as I'd found a lump. I didnt have a mamogram just the ultrasound. I found my boob was tender for about a week i found a sports bra more comfortable than my normal bras. So they checked it out and took a biopsy of what they foune. It was a benign growth thats really common. They didn't need to do anything further with it.


Hi lizalily

I had a boob biopsy couple of years ago I have a lump in my breast. I had the results within couple of day. The worst time of my life I couldn't deal with the idea I could have cancer especially being a mum of a 6 year old at that time. I has to take time of work while waiting for the results. Thank God everything was fine the lump wasn't cancerous. The biopsy shouldn't take two weeks you should get results earlier than that. I think if there will be something wrong they will call you straight away. Have endo you're probably on hormonal treatment which can cause changes to your breast not necessarily cancer. Good luck with everything. Hope everything will be fine xxx

just want to point out to u all i dont have a lump everyone who is commenting on my posts and other posts are saying theu have a lump , i dont have one that was confirmed on scan, but i have a shadow and nobody is telling me what it could be

Christin_a in reply to lizalily

A shadow on an ultrasound shows that that area is a different density to the surrounding tissue. Although myself and the other lady felt a lump it could still be the same. Depending on the density of your breats the position of this area of different density and a bunch of other things you dont necessarily feel it, as you haven't. Hope this helps.

lizalily in reply to Christin_a

Hey thanks for that yes she said I have very dense breasts and that I didn’t have any lumps but she wanted to take a biopsy as a shadow is worrysome. I’m in hell of a state here I can’t deal with this I really can’t it’s been 2 days she said results take up to 2 weeks . If there was anything serious wrong do u think I would have been contacted by now ? X

Hey thanks for the message , yes I’m on the pill I’ve been on it 7 months now . But I dnt have any lumps just the shadow and very dense boobs

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