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Painful Orgasm after laparoscopy


Hi ladies,

Sorry if this is TMI but I had a laparoscopy 11 days ago in which my fertility doctor removed endometriosis . The doctor said to give it 1-2 weeks before having sex. I feel like my pain is mostly controlled and I've resumed normal activities except sex just to be safe and give myself time to heal. However, this morning I woke up to an orgasm- I guess my mind and body had enough of abstinence!! lol (11 days is quite a long time for me since my hubby and I have high sex drives). What worries me is that it was not enjoyable at all and was SOOo painful! The intense pain lasted only as long as the orgasm (a few seconds). It seems that it was painful for my muscles to spasm. The pain was in my uterus and my right ovary...Now i'm back to feeling a little sore again (its bearable) after having no pain for the better part of a week (uurrg) . Anyone else experience this? Is this normal? Did my doctor give me the clearance for sex too early?

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I find sex is incredibly painful, it's now 4 week's since my lap and it is still unbearable. But it was painful before I even had my lap I've had the pain for over 3 years now and I still haven't got down to the problem. I had my hopes up thinking my lap would help. They didn't find endo but my ovary was stuck to my pelvic floor wall so they put it back into place there and then. I was told that's why sex is incredibly painful, but it's clearly not.

I have also tried physiotherapy for my pelvic floor muscles and I have found it has helped a bit. But because I already had pain before my muscle's went into spasm it's not curing it. It maybe worth seeing a physiotherapist about you're pelvic floor muscles as if it's like they've gone into spasm then that could be it.

Good luck with it all. X

Ahh doesn't sound good :(

Perhaps where they removed endo is around the muscles or close to the muscles that contract during orgasm. Sometimes they can take a while to heal, slightly longer than tissue and linings of stuff.

I understand where you're coming from so I get you! If you have toys, are happy with each other (which I'm guessing you are) and can take things slow - not always easy I know! focus on building stuff up to your orgasm, see if any other positions, types of movement, type of toy (as in width, length, shape) etc cause any sort of pain as it could be related. Work out if it's penetration related pain ie vaginal stimulation orgasm or if it's clitoral stimulation orgasm, if you are a person that can do both. Work out if it's the buildup or the actual orgasm...sorry if it's tmi for some readers... this is important stuff for us ladies!!

I had a sharp pain during sex a year ago and then crampy pain after - which wasn't normal - there starts my endo diagnosis and treatment - anyway 6 months later I have a bit on my bowel and sex is almost back to normal but deep sex still causes problems so I'm having the bit on the bowel removed. I think it took me about 2 months after my lap to "feel" normal inside to be confident having sex, before that random stuff hurt; I do recall orgasms hurting a bit. kind of like they pulled on bits that were sore.

I hope you find something that works or it gets better on it's own. Don't stress about it even though it's a big part of you, just relax! xx

It's very normal any of your blood supply channels the vessels and ligaments that are now healing post op can shoot off this contracting reaction. I've had several episodes like this post hysterectomy one was a state of arousal lasted an hour! 😣

Even exercise can shoot off an orgasm reaction so don't worry. The pain will pass as time passes and right now all is healing inside you.

Two weeks he said, that's ambitious even for a laparoscopy I waited at least 2.5 months post hysterectomy I just knew.....have your relations when YOU feel ready not before!

Good luck.


I was post-op one week. And my Dr said to not have sex for another 4-6 weeks that it would be too painful. I listened, but still decided to masturbate on day 11. I had 3 orgasms, and afterwards I was in pain. Did or does anyone experience this?

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