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Horrendously fed up


Hi all.

I was diagnosed stage one/two endo back in october and had the endo ablated and had a peritoneal cyst excised. I was seen privately by a general gyn and honestly I wasn't particularly impressed with my care. She was kind of uptight and not particularly warm. I let her do my surgery because I was desperate for a diagnosis but I'm not going to see her again.

I've got a coil in and it's causing me a living hell. Cramping and pretty much non-stop bleeding. I've been taking northisterone which stopped the bleeding for a bit whilst i was on holiday, which was nice. But now it's not stopping, even taking my dose of northisterone twice a day. Anyone else had this problem? I've made a private appointment with a BGSE accredited gyn but it's not for another 10 days. I'm just fed up : (

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Hi h_grahh,

I’m sorry to hear about how you’ve been suffering with endometriosis – it sounds like you’ve had a really difficult time.

If you need someone to talk to, we do have a network of support services that are available to anybody affected by endometriosis. Our free helpline (0808 808 2227 ) is run by volunteers who have personal experience of endometriosis. The helpline is open most days – the times it is open can be found here: endometriosis-uk.org/suppor...

You may also find our support groups useful as a place where you can discuss endometriosis and the issues you are facing with other sufferers. Please visit: endometriosis-uk.org/suppor... to find out if there is one in your local area. If you find there is not a face to face support group in your local area, we have an online support group.

Best Wishes,

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator

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Hi everyone! Don't know if anyone's following this but I finally had my appointment today! Consultant was really lovely and seemed to really listen to me 😊 He took the coil out (thank God!) But omg did it hurt. I had a pelvic exam that was vaguely uncomfortable last year, but the speculum was insanely painful when he went to get the coil out. Had it fitted under general last year so didn't feel it, but I definitely felt that! He offered to do it under sedation but as the hospital is so far away from me and I'd need someone to drive me there and take me home again, so just had to grin and bear it 😭

He wants to try me without any hormones and stuff for a couple of months to let my body sort of 'chill' and he wants a more recent ultrasound as he thinks I might have adenomyosis too (joy of joys) then I'm seeing him in September! Feeling more positive and actually understood, finally!

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