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Laparoscopy - any idea what they stuck to my thigh and why?


I had a laparoscopy this morning and I just noticed a rash on my leg. It looks like it’s maybe square ish but slightly rounded. I can clearly see something was stuck to my leg but I have no idea why. I had nothing stuck there before I went to sleep and nothing after.

Can anyone give me any ideas what it was and why it was done? I’m super intrigued. 🙈

If I had noticed it earlier I would have asked the nurses.

Thank you.

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Hi, they stick a pad on patients thighs called a ‘patient return pad’. They use diathermy to maintain haemastasis (bleeding) when they cut anything by the use of small electrical currents. The pad sends the current back to the machine.

I have noticed rash too when I have had laps. I hope you feel better soon.

Oh wow. Thank you. I just googled it and I can clearly see it looks very much like that.

Thanks again 👍🏼🙂

This is brilliant. I’ve been looking at my thigh for 2 weeks now wondering the same. Could see a circular mark then this week realised it’s a rectangle. Mine became most noticeable when I’d been in the sun. Thanks for asking and thanks to the ladies who replied

Mystery solved!

in reply to Kenny75

It was really bothering me and I was googling all sorts and couldn’t find anything. I am so grateful for katrina1234 responding!

I just thought it was strange how it was never mentioned and I didn’t notice it when I was there.

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