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Perimenipause & endo / exercise & diet?

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I wrote a post recently as I had missed a period and doc thought she could feel swelling. Anyway had scan & all looked fine - have small cyst on left side which is the opposite side to the pain I was having and blood test show I am perimenopausal - I’m 46 so half expected it. I had endo lasered a couple of years ago on uterosacral ligament and pouch of Douglas and I suspect it’s come back.This month I have the period from hell, heavy, painful and Ive had to take nurofen all day which consequently gives me other bowel and ibs symptoms. I know I could push for another laparoscopy but I just wondered has anyone found any particular exercise or diet helps? I want to take control of this & do everything I can to help myself especially as I suspect the next few years will be interesting!! Any advice gratefully received!!

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