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Endo symptoms like pregnancy?


Hi i am currently waiting for a lap and have just had a scan which found a 3cm cyst so i am expecting to be officially diagnosed with endo soon. Recently i have been having different symptoms such as headaches, feeling really exhausted, needing to pee more frequently which i know could also be endo but my last period was only really light and lasted little more than a day and i have been feeling sick on a morning but have just started a diet as i am going on holiday soon and figured i could just be feeling nauseas because i am not eating as much. I have been with my boyfriend for 18 months and am not on any birth control but we usually use the pull out method, but two weeks before my period when i could have been ovulating he didn't and now i have been having all these symptoms. It is probably psychological and the easy option would be to take a test but i tried to get pregnant a few years ago with an ex and it was a very emotionally destressing time seeing all those negatives. Is this just endo and i'm trying to convince myself i could be pregnant because i am petrified i have endo and could be infertile?

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It is not for any of us to hazard a guess as to whether you are pregnant or wishful pregnancying,

With the news that you know you do have a cyst and that you are now refered to have a diagnostic surgery, for heavens sakes you must check you are not pregnant and either stop having sex altogether or start practising safe sex, and pullout is NOT in the safe sex column of choices.

Your BF must wear a condom at the very least, and you should take responsibility for your own body and perhaps go on birth control to make sure you avoid pregnancy till after the operation.

Your appointment for surgery could come at any time, and will not happen if you are pregnant. Also if you have a cyst and nothing is done about it and you do get pregnant it doesn't just disappear, it can add avoidable complications to a pregnancy.

Your symptoms could also be hormonal disruptions from a cyst, or caused by stress or any number of other factors. Neither does having a cyst automatically mean you have endo. Endo can only be diagnosed by having lap op surgery, and it is during this surgery that they can check both your fallopian tubes are clear and your ovaries are not coated in endo or adhesions and still able to release an egg for fertilisation.

Many women are forced to wait years to be refered to have just a diagnostic surgery, so don't throw this opportunity away by being silly with your sex life.

Look after your own health first, before you consider starting trying to get pregnant.

You are just rude for no reason.

Just so you know the "pull out method" does not work, my daughter is proof of that, there is sperm in the pre-come, or "blob on the knob" as I call it. I have endo and adeno and have had two children. It could've been your ex firing blanks. I would do a test hun, if you are pregnant and they do a lap it could result in miscarriage and even more upset! Please, if you do not want to be pregnant go on the pill or use condoms. x

my ex wasn't firing blanks, he had a normal sperm sample, i was on the pill for 10 years before we tried to get pregnant for 18 months. I just started going for fertility tests and we split up ( so it was a relief i didn't conceive) one test came back that i didn't ovulate but never got followed up as we weren't together anymore. I did have the dye test and my tubes are clear, but the whole 18 months i was trying i had irregular periods and always had a feeling there was something wrong. Since being with my current partner i didnt want to go back on the pill as it took so long to get regular periods and i didn't want any hormones messing with my fertility. It has only been the last 4 months i have suspected endometriosis and went to my GP. I know we should use protection but it would be nice to get pregnant without it being planned and all the stress of am i ovulating and failed pregnancy tests. We are comitted, we want a family together, we are going to try properly at the end of this year, the only reason we're not actively trying now is because we've only been together 18 months. I am 28 this year, had problems conceiving in the past and now worried i have endo, so yes i am being a little irresponsible. Most of my symptoms probably are to do with the cyst, but if i carry on feeling weird and unsure then i will do a test i haven't got my lap date yet and i obviously would check if i was pregnant first.

Oh hun nightmare hey x

I know what you mean about not wanting to see negatives. In brief I've had 3 laps and 1 Mc but thankfully have my son nearly 2. I've had pcos and that settled but had to have to 2 evacuations for my Mc and the lap removed some endometriosis. However between being in and out of hospital is severe pain, I to have had the pregnancy symptoms and did about 20 tests, some I think there was a faint lines but with all that's happened with me was prob residual hormones so to speak. I was needless to say 3 weeks late but not pregnant. As hard as it was I did the tests because I know you need to be monitored and take vital vitamins etc from as early as possible and also I am being poked and proded so often I wouldn't want to risk the baby x I've got the cheap dip tests from ebay, they work early and if unsure or a faint line they cheap enough to wait a few days and try again with morning wee lol. Good luck hun but please check so you can lol after yourself and sort Cysts out x x

Sounds so similar. I had been on zoladex for 12 months and finally had my last 3 month one in June 2012. I had 2nd lap in October and was told to expect my period within 6-8 weeks. It has now been nearly 6 months and still no period, I have done numerous tests and although I am not trying to fall pregnant find myself totally gutted when they are negative. I am still waiting to get my period, in the mean time I am getting all pregnancy symptoms but no positive result. I totally understand how you feel, but you need to make sure you are in the best possible health to get pregnant. Good luck and practise safe sex until you are sorted out healthwise. xx

well i am not pregnant, i did a test this morning and of course it was negative, knew it would be and wasn't upset because i pretty much accepted it would be. So Doctors appointment tomorrow. Suppose it could just be a bug, but does anybody else feel drained constantly and feel like they want to throw up all the time? Is there anything the doctor can give me for this?

Sorry to hear your test is negative. Hope you are ok.

I feel drained constantly, feel nauseous everyday along with many other ailments associated with endo. Nausea and fatigue are both a symptom of Endo, which do get mistaken for other things such as IBS. I saw a GP re the nausea who said there was nothing they could give me as I am trying for a child. I struggled on and then saw another GP who tried an anti nauseous tablet..but this had no effect. Went back and they said have Gaviscon..again no help. They have now sent me to see a Gastroenterologist about it! Not holding my breath they will be able to help. I mention I am a sufferer of Endo but my GPs seem to not care.

It is not a nice thing to live with everyday so I would say go see your GP and see what they say. It may be that the anti nausea drug works for you, if not at least you have tried and hopefully they will look into it for you.

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