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Advice (again)


Hi everybody ,

So my emotions have been all over the place and it’s really starting to get me down. I think it’s because Ive got my pre-op tomorrow and I still haven’t been given a date for my lap. I have 2 holidays booked this summer and then o start uni in September and I’m just so stressed. I HATE hospitals ! I don’t know how long to be expected to wait etc , just looking for some advice please. Thankyou xx

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Hi Lucy,

Endo is a real emotional roller coaster. I have found that being honest with the hospital about planned trips etc helps them see how this flipping thing affects our lives.

My advice is go on the holidays, prepare for uni and take a deep breath before going to the hospital. X

Hey, I hate hospitals and had my pre op last week. I was freaking out just seeing another person being wheeled to surgery haha. All they do at pre op is take your blood pressure/heart rate, blood test, height and weight and answer any questions. I had to fill out a massive questionnaire it didn’t take long as I had to answer no to all of them haha.

They will give you an admissions date after your pre op and instructions on when to stop eating etc. I already had a date before the pre op and it’s on the 31st July. I’m so nervous and struggling to sleep but honestly the nurses are so nice. They were talking about my boyf to calm my heart rate down haha xx

Thankyou everyone so much , the pre op went ok and now kist waiting for a date. Still very daunting but I’m trying my best to stay positive and think of nice things - although that can be difficult when as soon as I have a nice day out I’m like a zombie !!! Xx

Hey I was in a similar situation with my first lap. I actually put my op on hold and booked it in for Christmas Eve, my pain got really bad during uni and I told my tutor who advised me to bring my op forward and she would sort out time off for me - it all worked out okay in the end. So it’s worth speaking to a tutor/student support when you are there to see if they can help too as I know getting information out of some hospitals is near enough impossible x

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Thankyou so much !!! It’s nice to hear that things can be arranged etc , sometimes it can feel really daunting and like you’re in this alone - suppose it’s the whole thing with periods and related issues being seen as ‘taboo’ and so people don’t really know what steps to take Regards to uni etc . Thankyou again so much xx

I've found that they don't end up sending out letters for op dates until only a week or so before the op. Which is kinda crazy if you think about it - you need to plan in advance, take time off work etc. It's a good idea to call the gynae dept and ask them when you are booked in for. If you have a pre op, normally they have a date too, as the pre op has to be around 2 or so weeks before the op. They can't do pre ops weeks in advance. They have op dates, just don't send out letters until close to date. Do call them and just ask, they are very helpful. Also, sometimes referrals get lost or forgotten in piles so until you call them and remind them you might end up waiting longer until someone puts you in the diary. This is what I found anyway X

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Thankyou !!! When I went for my ore op she said that it can be valid for six months !!! Xx

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Really?? For both my laps, I wasn't allowed to have my pre op until 2 weeks before my op date. So much can change in 6 months, that's bizarre.

Just call them anyway, at least you'll know what's going on. The waiting around can be so stressful, at least you'll feel like you know what's going on and how long you'll be waiting for X

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