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Advice needed AGAIN!!

Well after being on such a high last week after my GP agreed to a second referral to my nearest endo centre (RVI), I've received a phone call this morning to let me no that my GP has spoken to his colleagues (he is a senior partner) and they have agreed that it would be much better to refer me back to my local hospital (which is where I'm currently being seen) as the RVI won't have access to any tests that have been carried out with my last consultant, after getting no where with the receptionist and ending the phone call I've just realised that no tests have been carried out ive had one ultrasound which my GP requested, my usual GP that I see is currently on adoption leave so not sure when she's coming back so having to deal with a different GP!! I'm very dubious about being referred to a different consultant in the same hospital admit sure how it will work, has anyone got any experience with this? Your advice would be greatly appreciated x x

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Hi hun, so sorry to hear this. I would go back to gp and explain you've had no previous tests etc carried out. I would then insist that they refer you to the endo centre as you are unhappy with the treatment you are receiving at your local hospital. If they are unwilling to do this I would change gp surgery and find a gp who will be more helpful. Best wishes xx

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As far as I'm aware Nhs is now choiced based therefore you can choose where you are referred. Perhaps ask to speak to the gp and reinforce that you want to be referred to the endo centre.

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I am giving you the link to 'Good Medical Practice' which is the charter if you like that GPs are obliged to comply with. It's very interesting reading for anyone with a GP who still lives on the arc and expects to make all decisions without making it a joint process with the patient.


Just a few of some very interesting requirements:

You must respect patients’ right to reach decisions with you about their treatment

and care.

You must be familiar with guidelines and developments that affect

your work.

You must refer a patient to another practitioner when this serves the

patient’s needs.

You must keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date.

You must respect the patient’s right to seek a second opinion

The investigations or treatment you provide or arrange must be based

on the assessment you and your patient make of their needs.

Also the link to NHS Choices that refers to being able to choose any hospital and/or team to treat you:


You must exercise your rights that are clearly laid out in these publications. The only way we will ever make a difference is to stand up against GPs still failing to comply with their obligations. What I do in these situations is write a letter as that way it is permanent on your record and is less scary. Address it to the senior partner and refer to the phone call. Then say that you are aware of your rights to make joint decisions with your GP as to what is best for your care and to a second opinion (quote the references). Then say you are aware from NHS Choices that you are entitled to see any specialist in a hospital of your choice and you have chosen to see an endometriosis specialist in a Centre of Excellence. Then ask for his comments. If they refuse then you would have to make a formal complaint in writing for failing to comply with Good Medical Practice which they would have to register in their complaints file and deal with. They wouldn't dare go to those lengths knowing you are right and wouldn't want the bother. It's really just a matter of showing them you will be involved in your own care and not be messed about.

Print the publications off so you always have them to hand. Don't worry about the 'senior partner' thing - it only means he has been there the longest but no GP can make your decisions for you any more.

As I have well described on here, I was in that dark place of undiagnosed endometriosis for 15 years stumbling around with an 'imagined' illness. I had no one and nowhere to go to. There was no internet and GPs ruled. But you ladies have access to KNOWLEDGE, you have POWER and ACCESS TO PROPER TREATMENT. Grasp it all with both hands, be confident and force it on your GPs if you have to. You may be unlucky to have endometriosis, but you are so lucky to have it in 2015!!


Excellent post Lindle. Thank you. The idea to write a letter is spot on.


Good luck and show them you mean business! x


Thank you for that feedback. The problem is , as we all know, patients with endo become as invisible as the condition. Once you put things in writing you become real and the GPs have to take notice. So good luck Hutchy from me too. x


I've spoke to the receptionist again today and made an appt again, I double checked what the GP has done - he's written to the consultant and asked her to arrange a review with another consultant as Im not happy with treatment from her, like that's not going to affect anything!!!!


Isn't that terrible that he's done that with no consultation and agreement with you, the patient, as if you don't exist. You really must make it clear to him at the outset that this is about you and your health and that you will be involved in what decisions are made.


When I've looked into the consultant a bit more, her speciality is more obstetrics than gynae if that makes sense hence her having a go about us not wanting more children x


You used to be able to check a consultant's area of interest at the click of a button on the Dr Foster website but it's currently down for amendments. How interesting about the children thing. All gynaecologists will have an area that they are most interested in and I have never had anything against them as they are great at what they do. But it's horses for courses. That just proves how little your GP knows about endo to send you to an obstetrician! And why on earth he's asked her who you should see rather than listening to you! The funny thing is he's actually putting himself out but without taking account of what you want. When you go I'd ask for a copy of the letter he's sent straight off. It will be attached to your record that he has in front of him and he can print it off there any then. You are entitled to copies of anything in your records. Then I'd ask straight out why he sent it without consulting with you (as is you right etc etc) when you had already told him who you wanted referring to. That will put him on the spot and hopefully he'll go for the route of least resistance and do what he should do. x


Hi Hutchy,

What happened about this situation? Have you written to your GP or are you just waiting for that second opinion appointment? X


Hi Brownlow

I've spoken with GP who has spoken with the consultant who he referred me to for a second opinion he is adamant that he can help me, I have appointment for the 14th April which can't come soon enoug, to be honest I'm not sure what to do for the best x


That sounds good. You can often find good gynaecologists who have a wider breadth of knowledge and experience but are not necessarily endo specialists. At your appointment do ask about experience etc. The endo centres have named urologists and colorectal surgeons who are experienced at dealing with endo on the bladder and bowel respectively and can be called in for an operation if endo is found at these locations. I wish you well fir your appointment on the 14th. x

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