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Constipation pain or endo pain? I can’t tell?!


I’ve akways suffered with constipation lol and during my lap they mentioned how my bowel was full and would cause pain and irritation too. No endo was found on my bowel and all endo was removed in April, stage 4.

After I go to the loo I always have felt pain in my lower back, hips basically like endo type pain. I’m not sure if this is just my constipation pain always suffered with big poops and constipation or if this endo pain..

I just find it hard to tell? As the pelvis is one big area. Even tho all my endo has been removed only 2 months ago my pain has improved but not totally gone and my endo nurse @ the endo nurse said the pain might not go away / it be healing pain.. again all hard to tell

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Do you get pain on just one side of the pelvic area?

I too am struggling with knowing which pain is which!

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