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Is it Endo?? :(


Hi everyone,

No diagnosis but I have a few questions on symptoms....

Ever since my periods started when I was 14 I have had terrible period pains (my mum also had terrible pains at my age and would have to climb stairs to bed on all fours and even faint on some occasions!)

My doctor put me straight onto the pill microgynon at age 14. My symptoms were heavy bleeding, clots, chronic pain(like I was having a baby!!), dizziness, major fatigue, headaches, bloating, diarrhoea, feeling faint and some vomiting. BUT some months I only had a few of the symptoms.....

On my 18th birthday..I then switched to the Yasmin combi pill as I was having major mood swings. Since then I've had additional symptoms such as pain when urinating, pain when pooping (sorry to be so gross!), random sharp pains in my abdomen, a weird numbing/pain sensation in my legs and not being able to sleep or get in any sort of comfortable position. I would also get the most horrendous pains about 5 days before i started my 'withdrawal bleeding' (not sure if this is ovulation cramps). During these pain episodes I would also experience high temperature and major sweats.

1000mg of Paracetamol does ease the pain but not completely.

I have also just recently noticed some irregular bleeding, even though I am on the same contaceptive pill called Yasmin.

Just recently had a pelvic exam with swabs to see if I have any kind of infection and have a smear booked soon.

Shall I tell the nurse of my bad period symptoms??

Can you confirm any symptoms??

Thanks so much guys! Any feedback would be much appreciated. Xx

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Hi Km100,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering. There is lot's of information on our website that you might find a useful team:

I found keeping a pain and symptom diary helped me in getting my diagnosis and also my ongoing care.

Best Wishes

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator

Endometriosis UK

Thanks Mary, I have already read through and understand alot of what has been written.

Taken on board advice on a diary and will start right now!

All of my friends have said how the amount of pain I am in is not normal but have been scared to dig deeper.

Thanks again :)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update as I am so new to all of this and still unsure what it's all about!

Swabs for infection came back clear... as expected.

I had my first smear test last Monday (I am 27 and the doctor was not impressed) and I must say it was a little uncomfortable. The 'little' brush felt like razor blades scratching about down there. The nurse didn't really have any comments and said all looked fairly normal just a little sore. Not sure what to make of that! 🤨 get my results by end of next week....

I told her I had another intense pain episode (again 5 days before my last withdrawal bleed) and was on the toilet for about an hour pooping! Took 1000mg of paracetamol and the pain eased a little but not completely. This was then followed by a little bleeding for an hour or so. Ever since ive felt a pressure in my lower back and some shooting pains in my right side, from the middle of my back right down to the middle of my right bum cheek.

The nurse asked if I've ever had an ultrasound.....which I haven't. Why would she ask this?

Now been referred for colposcopy appointment which is booked for friday this week and I am a little nervous. This is my first so does anyone have any tips?

I am terrible for panicking and not asking the right questions at the time and often just want to get the hell out of the consultation room!! 😳 Hopefully after all these tests I will be a little more brave 😰😬

Love to hear thoughts on the above... anyone else had or going through the same thing?? ✌ x

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