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Endometriosis and Nutrition


Hello everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences about nutrition with managing their endo symptoms.

I had my second lap 3 and a half weeks ago. It went well in that they found tissue in various places and ablated it. I am currently building up with walks etc and was a lot more mobile quicker than my after my first lap which I'm pleased with. I'm sore when I walk etc but know it's important to be mobile. I'm also bleeding a bit after gentle movements but I'm thinking this could also be due to having a new coil put in during my lap and my body getting used to it.

The issue I'm having is bloating. I know at the moment my insides are still recovering and it may be that I'm being inpatient with myself but I'm also very aware bloating is a very prominent symptom for me. I'm taking digestive enzymes, vitamin B complex, multi vitamins and turmeric supplements. I drink a lot of fresh ginger tea and take peppermint tablets occasionally. I avoid complex carbs and generally stick to a low fodmap diet. I occasionally have caffeine and almost zero alcohol. I don't seem to notice a difference at all. I know stress and heat don't help but yesterday I looked 7 months pregnant and it was so painful to move. It impacts my confidence and sense of worth with body image etc.

I'm wondering if anyone has sought professional advice from a nutritionist? Most of what I take/do is from lots of reading and a specific endometriosis book about diet. I am very science led so am quite sceptical when something doesn't have an evidence base. That said, has anyone seen a nutritionist and can comment on your experience?

I'd appreciate any views and for those in the UK I hope you ladies are surviving ok in this heat! All the best to you all xx

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Hi Clou

Hope your recovery continues to go well.

My first lap was last November. The endo UK helpline suggested a nutrition book to me earlier last year (Henrietta Norton - Take Control of your Endometriosis) and accordingly I changed my diet last August. (I had tried FodMap for what was diagnosed as IBS before ) Since then, my bloating is significantly better. The main thing I attribute this to is minimal gluten and sugar and zero caffeine. I can’t say all my endo symptoms are better which is why I do a relaxed version of the diet but lots of veg, fruit, nuts, oily fish and no simple carbs has really helped my energy levels and bowel symptoms. Hope it helps you too.

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