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Worst pain in living earth

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Hi guys ! So basically usually after my period my endo pain starts (this is why I have stopped my periods completely) it lasts for 2 weeks or more but I try to control it with diet anyway , I had a normal period Becuase I was tired of the pill (not a break bleed) a normal period hope this makes sense. Basically I started to get this extreme pain like my insides where about to explode it comes and goes and usually lasts one to two days I can’t describe it other than feeling like When you eat really spicy food and the next day your insides burn while you desperately need to go to the toilet but from my wombbbbb rather than from my bowels ! I know I sound nuts but that’s what it feels like , like extreme burning and exploding it burns so bad I almost fainted at work yesterday . I got checked for a uti and I’m clear. This sensation used to happen to me before my lap last year as well after every single period ended. It seems like it’s more of a vagina infection + uti or something I really don’t know ! I’m wondering if anyone out there has ever experienced this ??? It’s soo different to a typical endo gnawing burning pain it’s bluddy extreme . Anyone? X

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