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Scared, lost, in pain

Hi - glad to have found this site. About two weeks ago I went to the ER with severe pelvic pain, like nothing i'd ever felt. I described it as severe gas build up and the worst cramps in the world at the same time - times a thousand. It was the onyl way to describe it. The ER doctor said I had a mild UTI, and was going to send me home but I felt it was something worse than that. I begged him to check. He did an ultra sound and ended up admitting me to the hospital because he found a tumor on my ovary. He also said I had a ruptured cyst and it could be causing the pain. I was hospitalized for a week, saw different doctors, and one OBG that really didn't provide me with much info just told me I had a yeast infection, UTI, and the tumor was nothing to worry about, just had some fluid from the cyst that probably caused hte pain...eventually I got a little better and went home. IT's been two weeks - I also didn't mention that I missed a period last month. So anyway - hospital was two weeks ago. Yesterday I started feeling the worst pain i've EVER FELT in my entire life in the pelvic area. I also had burning with urination, took AZO pills to get rid of that pain..but the pelvic pain has only worsened. Also, yesterday I began to have a tiny bit of blood - but more brown than anything. Today the blood is almost black, it's not getting red at all... Last night I could barely urinate, it's like I can feel my bowels and insides try to open up to go to the bathroom and the pain worsens and then I can't go...it's so hard to even go to the bathroom now. NOTHING seems to help, showering nothing...I haven't had a bowel movement in a few days, it seems to come on like a horrible stomach ache and cringe inside, and then get a little bit better (not much better just a tiny bit) but only for about two minutes and the pain comes back again....I'm sitting at work trying to figure out what to do. The OBG appointment isn't until Friday and I can't imagine living with this type of pain for much longer. I read up on tumor mis diagnosis' for yeast infections, uti's - etc....I just feel like something is NOT RIGHT. My co worker told me about endo and it seems to be the same symptoms....please if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Should I go back to the ER? The OBG told me to go back to the ER but i'm almost scared to.....does it sound like I could have endo?

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Go back to Gp or hospital asap. It could be endo, could be a cyst that burst and give you a lot of pain and could be filled with old blood, but this is just me guessing.

What about this tumor, has this been properly checked?

If there is a large cyst in your tummy area this could cause some problems with periods not starting properly or have things blocled. I woudnt wait until friday, go tomorrow first thing. This is your body, make sure they will look and test everything properly and if you are not happy make sure they will do something until you are having all your questions answered.

Good luck!!


It is so hard to get these doctors to give a straight answer, thanks for responding.

I took some strong pain medication yesterday and just went to sleep. I've got s ome left so i'm taking it now to help me get through today.

The weird thing is, i've stopped bleeding entirely but the pain is still there. The pain seems to be a TINY bit better but not much. Maybe I am getting more used to it, it could be that.

I have my GYN appointment tomorrow and I just hope they can give me answers. I'm going to write down absolutely everything.

Do you know if they can do ultrasounds and other scans at the GYN? Is that typical?


I didnt had a scan at gynacologist, i had my scan at a different appointment, before i went to see him, but i would imagine they should have the equipment there. I would ask them tomorrow.

Good luck with everything and let us know how you are getting on!!



Sorry to hear what you've been going through. I can't tell you what it may/may not be but 100% take yourself back to hospital Asap and don't leave until you're satisfied they've checked everything. Like Naomi says, it's your body and if you feel something isn't right, then it isn't. Just persevere and don't let anyone tell you that you're fine if you still feel unwell.

I had a similar episode a couple of weeks ago, went to hospital with severe stomach cramps which also felt like a gas build up of sorts, pelvic 'pulsing' pain on the right side. All they did was a urine test and decided I had a bad uti, which 2 days later turned into thrush. I then had some brown bleeding for a few days before starting my period, which was much heavier than normal. Feeling more with it now but am waiting to see a gynae re my endo problems X X


Thank you so much. I actually just took some pain medicines last night and went to sleep. The pain seems to be a bit better today but is certainly not even 50% better.

I have my appointment with the GYNO tomorrow, and so I am hoping I can get some answers and help with the pain tomorrow.

You are right when it comes to being sure they answer all questions. It's like they make me feel as if i'm a hypochondriact when all I want to do is make sure that things are really looked at. I mean, a tumor, a ruptured cyst, frequent UTIs, and extreme pain, something seems a little off to me!

I will update and let you guys know what happens. Thank you so much for your support.


Hey guys,

Well today has only gotten worse. The black blood has stopped, but my nausea is 50% worse and now I keep getting a sharp stabbing pain lower down my pelvis on top of the droning extremely painful discomfort from yesterday....

I am so absolutely drained from all of this . I can barely walk, when we go over bumps in the car I almost scream in pain. Pain meds just aren't working...

I wonder why there is an additional pain now, why I stopped bleeding, and where the nausea is coming from?


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