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Stage 2 Attendance letter from work


Hi All

I’ve been signed off work for three weeks and I’m due to return on Monday.

I’ve received letter in the post from work informing me that my absence has triggered a stage 2 attendance review. It’s really upset me and given me even more anxiety about returning to work on Monday.

Why couldn’t they have just waited one more day and given it to me on Monday? It just makes me feel even more isolated. I used to love my job but now I am more concerned about just getting through the day!

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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Lots of companies have a "procedure" they have to follow regarding time off work. Don't take it personally. They have to treat every one the same. If you have a diagnosis, take it with you as evidence, and if you are in the process of getting it checked out, take a list of all the tests you have been having. They will want to see that you are proactivity seeking a solution. Unfortunately, Endometriosis is not yet covered in the UK under the Disability Discrimination Act. Therefore, they can treat you in the same way as someone having time off with a cold. It's pants! However, be honest with them. If they are A holes, they will always be A holes, and there will be nothing you can do. Just be honest, and keep your dignity.

Lozza4444 in reply to mamfa

Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t have a diagnosis yet. I’ve had a scan, but it didn’t show anything. I’m speaking to my GP tomorrow to see if she can write a letter about how it’s being investigated.

Yes I’ll definitely be keeping my dignity. Even if I do end up loosing my job!

It’s shocking that it isn’t included under the disability act especially when a lot of those affected suffer chronic pain and fatigue.

mamfa in reply to Lozza4444

I know... I looked it up, hoping to be able to arm you, but found it is still not covered. I too have been off work this week, and the thought of potentially losing my job is very real if I can't get this sorted.

Lozza4444 in reply to mamfa

I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s hard enough being unwell without threats hanging over you.

I hope you get a resolution xx

mamfa in reply to Lozza4444

The thing is..... If you were signed off work for depression.... "If your mental illness has a substantial, adverse and long-term effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities, it is likely you are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act."

Lozza4444 in reply to mamfa

I do have aniexty and depression. I’ve has it for four years. I could have gone to the docs and got signed off with that but I’ve just been honest!

I just feel like I’m going to have to go to work now with awful pain just to keep my job!

mamfa in reply to Lozza4444

Then get your doctor to include depression and anxiety in the letter. It will help protect you. Your company have to make reasonable adjustments! And they cannot discipline you for being off in the same way.... You would have to watch that you didn't give them cause for incapability.... But it would shift the power more in your favour. Xxx

Lozza4444 in reply to mamfa

Thank you. I will.

Please let me know how you get on xxx

SarahMow in reply to Lozza4444

I’m on my first written warning for my attendance because of endo. About to start zoladex treatment next week and been told if I’m off ill with it then could be issued my final warning. Absolutely shocking!!! xxx

Lozza4444 in reply to SarahMow

It is really isn’t it. A warning for being really ill. It’s so upsetting. I hope treatment helps you. Good luck xxx


I am sorrt to hear that work have done that. Like mamfa says they do have to stick to their policies for absent. Always remember that a review does not necessarily mean any further action, they may even look into what they can do to support you further.

I just wanted to clarify that the Equality Act 2010 no longer identifies disability by condition (other than Cancer and some progressive brain disorders like MS) instead a disability is clasified by the symptoms. They class a disability as a physical or mental impairmet that has a substantial, adverse and long-term effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activites. Recently I was sent to OH to see them and they agreed that I am protected and classed as disabled as I have chronic pain from my endometriosis that on some days means I cant cook or clean for myself on the worst days I cant take a bath or shower.

Maybe if things are really bad for you right now could you ask your work to send you to OH for a consult? They help with getting people back to work but also in getting work to understand more.

Good luck for Monday! Xxx

Thank you for your message. It’s good to know that I might have some protection under the Act. However, I have not been given a diagnosis yet, so I’m probably not covered. I’m currently ok. Not in full health but not as I was. At my worst a few weeks back my legs were like jelly and my stomach was in pain. I had the worst fatigue.

I have no confidence in occupation health. I was signed off work for a week in January due to my depression. When I came back to work, I saw occupational health who’s questions were basically, how are you feeling today? When I said that I was feeling ok, the report was issued on that basis. No consideration for looking at the days when I don’t feel ok. Not looking at Depression and Anxiety as a long term health condition. I felt totally let down.

Anyway, we’ll see what they say this time, but when I have my stage 2 attendance meeting next week I will telling them that OH involvement was not fit for purpose.

Thanks for your message and help. It really means a lot xx

ElizabethC in reply to Lozza4444

Actually, you don't *need* a diagnosis - just evidence to show you are seeking a diagnosis. Ask your work to refer you to your Occupational Health and they can then provide advice to your work. I have asthma and have had some severe respiratory issues all last year. I now have Adenomyosis (we think!) with possible Adenomyoma or fibroid. My work have been very good and proactive yet I still had to have an "attendance" review way back in January 2017 after I'd been off for 12 days after being rushed into hospital unable to breathe. My work hated doing it and then did a lot to prevent that happening again. In my case, I have the sickness trigger points doubled to take into account that at any point in the year, I could end up sick with respiratory issues. Those are now managed but the latest gynae issue is now becoming more obvious as well. I've been very honest and open and also made sure that I will be in as much as possible - so far, I've only had one other period of time off sick last December - again rushed into A&E! I suspect though, I will end up with a lot of time off in the near future as a hysterectomy is now very likely.

Anyway, point is, push to be referred to your Occupational Health. Be VERY honest with them - cry if you have to! State what affect it is having on your mental health/depression. Do the SAME thing with the GP.

Good luck.

Lozza4444 in reply to ElizabethC

Thank you for your reply and advice. It’s good that your work are sympathetic and understanding.

It doesn’t feel the same for me, but I’ll have to see what happens.


I think without a diagnosis you need to be brutally honest with both your GP and OH. If they ask you how you are today explain that you are ok today however that isnt a reflection of everday and then explain a bad day too.

I dont blame you though for not trusting OH after that experience. But maybe this time you might have someone a bit more helpful and understanding.

I would take some kinda letter with you to the work meeting though if possible from your GP.


Yes I felt like I’d just been jumping through their hoops for nothing.

I’m also going to raise my issue about OH in the attendance meeting so at least it will be on record.

I’m speaking to my Doctor tomorrow and I’m going to ask her to write a letter to take to the meeting.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! xx

Thank you for your help.

Yeahh I understand that but hopefully your doctor will be able to give you something and then work will be able to help support you.

Fingers crosses for you. Xx

Thank you for your support and kindness.

All of you ladies are so lovely and kind. It means so much.


How did it go on Monday? Did you get on ok?


It was ok thanks. Some really lovely people said how nice it was to have me back. My line manager managed to say hi and smile when I arrived but not much else. She’s an ice queen in my experience.

I’m feeling ok at the moment but still have my stage 2 attendance review next Tuesday. The doctor has agreed to write a letter about my abnormal blood test results and that my pain is still under investigation so I will take that to the meeting with me.

I feel very valued in my team so it does feel good to be back at work and pain free at the moment.

Thank you for asking after me.

I hope everything is ok with you?xx

Aww thats good news I am glad to hear that it has gone well. Hold onto the fact that your team value you and have clearly missed you. 😊

Im sure Tuesday will go ok. Its good that your doctor is writing that for you im sure that will help you in the meeting. 😊

Im ok thanks im actually just waiting for my HR team to contact me after receiving the OH report. Hopefully now I can go back to work soon. 🤞 xxz

Fingers crossed for you! Xx

Do you have Endometriosis?

Lozza4444 in reply to Kay_K

I haven’t had a diagnosis yet.

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