Average time to return to work after a Laporoscopy

Hi ladies,

I'm after a bit of advice. I had a Laporoscopy last Wed to remove endo and adhesions. I am due to go back to work on Monday and my job entails standing up all day for @ 9 hrs.

But at the moment I'm still unable to wear close fitting clothes and my belly button is still very tender. I have started doing abit more each day but still get really tired.

Do I take another week on or try to work through it

Many thanks for any advice


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  • Hey!

    I think everyone is different. Some people bounce back after a few days. Others a few weeks. I had the same done on 15th july and went back into work this monday gone. (Thats 3 and a half weeks later) and i could only do 4 hours. By belly is still swollen and i still cant fit into my clothes. Im havin to wear dresses.

    If ur lucky enough to recover quick... good for u. But take it steady. But maybe inform work u need another week off. Xx

  • Hi :) I would suggest another week, it doesn't really sound like your ready for standing up and working for 9 hours, and if you push it too far now it could take you much longer to fully recover. So another week if you can I think. I hope you are feeling better soon x

  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks for the advice. I am looking more towards another week off I think. You don't realise how much it takes to recover do you n like you said both said what's the point of pushing myself, when I could just end up putting my recovery back.

    I feel a lot better in myself but then keep getting painful twinges as a keep reminder I think to slow down abit

    Thanks again xx

  • Hello

    I'm a retail manager so on my feet all day, my first lap that was just diagnostic and cyst drainage I went back after 3 days, second lap I had excision of stage 4, TPE, tube and cyst removal and bladder/bowel/pot etc. I took 9 off for that. I managed fine just took it easy, I seemed to be back quicker than most, don't push yourself x

  • Hi, Im a chef and on my feet all day, lifting etc. Initially they told me I'd need a week off, but when I told them my job they said 2 weeks. I went back after 2 but wished I'd had longer as I was exhausted by the end of each day. I also told my colleagues I couldnt lift pans full of food etc so they helped me with that.

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