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Picolax- urgent advice please!x

Hey lovelies, due to have bowel surgery for endo on Tuesday, admission time is 12pm

I’ve been given Picolax to take on Monday however the dosage only states the following-

‘Dissolve the contents of ONE sachet into 150ml of water and take at 7am and 1pm the day before your surgery’

I’ve just read the label and it doesn’t say anything about eating whilst taking it, just to drink a variety of clear fluids.

On my admission form it says I can have a ‘light breakfast’ the day of my surgery before 7am however surely if I’m eating that means my bowel won’t be clear?!

*when I had my pre op no other advice was given just to take it as stated and nothing about eating the day before surgery was mentioned.

Can anyone advise please? I can’t mess this up!xx

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If I was you I'd ring them to be on the safe side. But what you said makes perfect sense why would you eat when the whole idea is to clear the bowel. If you get through to them ask and explain what you have to us. If you don't then I just wouldn't eat it would be hard but worth it.

Good luck lovely for your surgery keep us updated 💗🤗😘


Thank you! So frustrating, trying to get through to the ward but nobody is about, will keep trying. Thank you for your advice, that’s exactly what I was planning to do xx

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I can imagine hun you'd probably get an answer tomorrow, good luck hun hope it goes well xx


Well I just managed to finally get through to the gynae ward...spoke with a lovely lady who had limited English 😳

What I got from the conversation was....

Either take them as stated, or take them at 1pm and 9pm but accept that I’ll be on the toilet all night.

Have normal breakfast tomorrow

Pumpkin for lunch?!

A cup of tea for dinner.

I’m still completely confused!xx


😂 bloody hell

I'd go with your gut and don't eat bless ya. 💗🤗😘


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