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Severe pain 2 weeks after surgery. Been adversed on longterm pain relief. Possible damage internally. Anyone else experience this?


Hi all I am new to this. So any help or advice would be great.

I have suffered pain for the last 9 years of pelvic pain that hits through to my back and even more painful during intercourse.

I had finally been diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery last month. From this I had very low blood pressure of 89 over 48. Was discharged and in pain for 4 days then it eased abit. Now 2 weeks later I am having the pain worse than, ever or sharp stabbing pains up my vaginal canal and a bloated heavy stomach. This is all day every day.

I have been back to hospital where they had done tests and I have no infection and no answer for these pains.

I was wondering has anyone else had a similar experience and hopefully shine a light on situation.

Surgeon has mentioned that it may be best for me to be on long term pain relief for this and medication for dulling nerve endings. She explained I will most likely be living with this pain for the rest of my life.

Anyone able to help or been through something similar, if you could get I. Touch that would be great.

I just feel so lost

Thank you all

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sorry to hear your in so much pain. have you seen an endometriosis specialist? you are always entitled to a second opinion. Hopefully your GP would refer you? if you have to go to A+E or GP etc, take any discharge letters with you and make sure you keep saying the word endometriosis ( I know that sounds odd, but it helps keep Drs etc focused, a nurse friend gave me this tip and it does help). I hope this helps. good luck.

ashyeaman in reply to buttmonkey

I have been into a and e then got sent to see 2 different gynaecologists and both said nothing more they can do. They done all tests and it's mot infection. Just said I may be on strong pain killers and gabopentin for the nerves for long term.

I'm just really stuck as to why it's so much worse now and if anyone who might have experienced the same, will have answers on how to handle it. Thanks you so much hun for replying.

You will still be healing from the surgery. I wouldn't think that the pain your in now is likely to be there for ever. I was in a lot of sharp pain for about 3 weeks after my lap and it was just exploratory. Have the sixties said it may improve as you heal?

For long term pain relief, there may be other approaches that could help. I've only just been diagnosed but was trying to find ways to manage my pain the past few years as the Dr's said they're was nothing wrong with me. I get a lot of hip /low back pain. I get abdominal pain too. For me, yoga is the best thing. It helps stretch everything out. I think when we feel pain, we tense up, which just causes more pain and I find yoga really helps with this. I do really gentle yoga as I also have disabling fatigue. It helps me mentally too.

I also see a chiropractor. She does amazing things for me. I get pain around my coxyx and groin and the little adjustments she does works wonders. She said she's seen quite a few women with endo.

The other thing I wanted to mention was cbd oil for pain relief. I hate taking medication so I'd been looking into this a lot and there's a lot of things to suggest this could help in a lot of ways - with the pain management, inflammation and possibly also whatever is causing the endo in the first place. It's all about the endocanaboid system,which is crucial for our health and its often out of balance causing a lot of issues (hormones etc). Taking cbd in a specific way can help you relate that system. It's not a weird, whacky pseudo science and it's all perfectly legal. I've been doing my research recently and I'm just waiting to get paid before I buy my first supply. It's quite expensive. But I've been in contact with a lot of people service has some amazing results. Maybe worth considering?

I know it feels crap just now but there is hope.


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