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Shooting Pains


Recently my symptoms have returned... I am gutted beyond belief! But I have a new symptom... I am having shooting pains 'up there'. Also near where my ovaries are I think. They found stage 1 implants on one of my ovaries in Feb 2015, and they found a 'simple ovarian cyst' last year. I went to see my doctor today and they gave me Mefenamic Acid for the pain... is there anything else I need to look into? As the shooting pain stopped me in my tracks and I had to walk slower to try ease the pain!

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Hi brightbunnie,

I also get this ,very embarrassing when not at home and u just suddenly double over making noise cos it hurts . Mine isnt nearly as bad as it used to b and doesn’t happen often f now, I’m afraid I didn’t find out why/wat stopped it but I do have adeno and pelvic tightness ,also do u have the merina because I do and I wonder if its more that?

Hello, so sorry! Thought I replied to this. I had the mirena for 6 months and took it out this March. I've been on the contraceptive pill ever since, so don't know what is happening :( it's actually getting worse, where it's painful to carry on walking etc sometimes. I haven't heard of pelvic tightness before!


Sorry to hear your still suffering. 🤔Ok so maybe it’s not merina related as I was thinking

I should have said pelvic floor tightness/tension, my specialist referred me for physio and trigger point work. I have started getting this type of pain back again recently though... are you under a specialist at the moment if so what have they suggested?

Hey, I'm not under a specialist unfortunately... I've just always been going between the doctor and the hospital. How did you get referred? It would be great to see someone and actually be able to have time to talk etc. The pain is all over the place at the moment, on my lower tummy, feels like my ovaries hurt (!) and my lower area. Also lower back pain. Nightmare!

Well my Gp originally referred me to gynea when I had first lap and diagnoses of Endo, so when I was again getting symptoms Gp referred me directly to Endo clinic and it was specialist that referred me to physio via Gp. I’ve also been referred to dietics now as I also have bowel issues and adenomyosis.

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