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Help... shooting pain!

I started get a shooting pain( sorry to be graphic ) up my bottom and vagina last night it hurt to sit down.

I woke up this morning and it had started again, it's really hurting now it's making me feel sick.

What is this pain I've never had it this long before, I'd literally get it before and it would go this has been over a hour and was the same last night.

Feeling worried xx

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Hi Mummy1982,

I'm sorry to hear about your pain.

I get exactly the same pain especially when I'm due on and during my menstral cycle.

Particularly when I go to the lo Aswell although it does happen at other times like when I sneeze or sometimes doing nothing.

When I told my consultant she said this is very common and a symptom with Endometriosis espcially around menstral cycle.

Maybe you should contact your consultant/ doctor to put your mind at ease.

Especially if it's getting worse and the pain is unbearable.

I hope you get the answers you deserve- be presistant!

All the best x

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Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from this pain aswell.

I have had it before but never as intense or for the duration that it has been last 2 days.

Hopefully it will settle otherwise I will contact the consultant.

Thank you again xx


Hi, I'm sorry to hear this. About a week before my surgery I had an endometrioma on my cyst burst which resulted in extra work for my surgeon as my ovary stuck to my bowel and the contents of the cyst went everywhere. At the time the cyst burst it caused the pain like you are describing but it was a constant pain that lasted about 3 hours, it didn't start and stop. However it is my one and only experience (thank god) of a ruptured cyst so I'm not sure if it is a possible the pain comes and goes for some people?? Is a ruptured cyst a possibility for you? Do you know if you have any cysts on your ovaries?



Thank you for your reply.

I'm hoping not I had a laparoscopy learly 7 weeks ago now and as far as I know no cysts but endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

If it doesn't settle then I will contact the consultant.

Thanks for your reply xx


I get this too :( feels like a knife being stuck up my bum (tmi sorry!) I haven't really found anything that works for me apart from breathing through the pain. Sorry you get it too, it sucks. Hope it eases soon for you, mine is always during and around my period. It can sometimes take my breath away, and make me feel sicky :(


Yes that is exactly the pain I had to lay down on my stomach because of it. I'm about a week away from my period but the period pains start a week before for me, I hope I don't have this all week😣. Thanks for sharing your experience of it hun xx


So sorry you've had this awful pain. I hope it goes away as quick as it came. I too have experienced this. It tends to come on out of nowhere but dies not last very long. I had it really badly after I'd had my coil inserted. It hurt so much in my bottom that I couldn't sit down. Take care of yourself xx


Thanks for replying, I had it again last night but not today thankfully . I hope that's the end if it. Sorry to hear you also get this pain. X


I got this pain with ovulation, pre and during period until I had the endo excised. It hurt to sit down, lie down and go to the toilet. I don't know which area of endo was causing it but I was getting excruciating pain in rectum and bowel... This has gone so I guess it could have been related to those areas.

I used to lie down and sleep with my bottom elevated/tilted on a wedge as I couldn't let my bottom touch the mattress as the pressure made the pain so intense... I would alternate with sleeping on my tummy if I could (when I had bladder pain neither position felt comfy). I bought a donut cushion for harder chairs so that I could relieve the pressure on my underneath. If I was in the lounge I'd lie down with my pelvis tilted. Perhaps you can find a way to get yourself comfy.


I also get a similar pain, sometimes worse than others. I am yet to find anything that totally gets rid of the pain even though I have naproxen, Gabapentin and tramadol. I have recently had the zoladex implant which has improved things a little although today is not a good day. I'm waiting for a full hysterectomy so hope that won't be too long now. I do worry about all the painkillers I pump into myself. Have you tried sitting on a hot water bottle? Or lying on your side with it between your legs, I use the heat packs you put in the microwave and that does just ease things slightly. I really hope things improve soon for you xxx


Hi hun.

Thanks for your reply.

I'm sorry to hear you are suffering from this pain also.

I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis and my laparoscopy didn't improve my pain I was told if it didn't I would need to consider a hysterectomy.

Yes i do all those things with a heat pad.

I hope your hysterectomy goes well.

Jo xx


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