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Is it worth having diagnostic lap???


Hello ladies, my name is Tracy, I am 36 and was diagnosed with a fibroid and possibly gyno suggested a lap to see if I have endo as my doc even suspects it. I was wondering is it worth having it done even if it comes back negative?? Will it be done without removing anything? What's the recovery time? Everyone around me says it's no biggy and will be healed and normal after a few days but I suspect that's not the case..I've had all kinds of symptoms that I suppose could be either from Endo or the fibroid and there are some days I feel almost normal and like it's all in my head! It's frustrating! Any insight would be most helpful.. thank you! Tracy

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Hi roseM6,

thank you so much for posting I appreciate the information..No you should be totally proud of yourself that's awesome..every step forward counts..

I'm so sorry you went through all that, but glad to hear your getting better and that the doctors did a great job.

Oh I mean is the lap for diagnosing only or will they remove anything while in there? Im so new to this so plz forgive me if I don't make sense. I know for sure I have a large fibroid inside my uterus and my gyno told me the lap was the only for sure way to diagnose Endo. He's suggesting hysterectomy if I'm not going to have children, but I'm unsure.

Your very welcome sweetie! Yep all we can really do is pray and try and stay positive.

Oh okay that makes sense thank you. Yea I will make sure everything is explained before hand. I don't like being blind when it comes to medical stuff and unfortunately some doctors don't explain things very well.

No not yet, my gyno said not much we can do cause most of these require surgery and I needed to decide if I want kids or not cause if I did I needed all my parts..they wanted to do lap to see if I have endo because my insurance will more than likely approve a hysterectomy if I have both Endo and fibroid, but I'm definitely going to talk with my doctor before I do anything like that . I need answers before I'm going to let anyone cut me open and remove. The only reason I agreed to the lap is because it would help to know if I have endo or not. Put my mind at ease.

Okay sweetie thank you so much, I will make sure and have all info and answers before..😊😉

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