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Diagnostic lap today


Hi all,

I had a diagnostic lap today for suspected endo. It went well but I feel a bit deflated. When the consultant came round to explain the results she said she found no endo, which I know is good, but she mentioned nothing about my one enlarged ovary covered in cysts that was picked up on the trans v ultrasound. She then says she found a posterior subserosal fibroid, but it wasn't very big and it wasn't causing my pain ( her actual words on the report).

She says I don't need a follow up with her and if the pain carries on to go back to my GP. I know not to rely on Google but a brief search has already showed fibroids can cause the pain symptoms I have (pelvic pain, pain on bowel movement, lower back pain etc), even smaller ones as they can be as individual as each woman that has them.

So now I feel sore and a bit cheesed off at how dismissive she was. I'm trying to be positive that she at least found something, but is it a step back having to go back to the GP.

Sorry for the essay 🙁


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Hi, I've gone through a very similar situation. Had my lap 1 week ago. When I came round my gyne (who is never met before as my previous gyne had left before I could have my lap) said she found nothing wrong and to be signed back to the gp. I am not very happy do I have made a double appointment with my GP to see what she would do next.

I would go and speak to your gp as soon as you can and see what they say. Sorry I wasn't any help I just wanted to know your not alone and to keep fighting X

I am sorry that you are in this situation. I had a diagnostic lap last August. I have had really painful periods ever since they started. Went in the pill in my teens and have pill hopped my adult life. I did take breaks where I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant.

My periods only got worse as I have got older.

I started to go to my gp about three years ago as my pain was really terrible, my cycle was erratic even whilst in the pill and I was struggling mentally.

I saw a gyna who insisted I had a coil. I did and had it for 7 months. It made my pain worse and I put on weight my mood was worse and I felt pretty helpless. My Gp was a godsend and agreed to refer me for a second opinion.

I had coil removed, started decapeptyl injections whilst awaiting a diagnostic lap.

I had scans, (X-rays ordered by my GP) , bloods and an MRI.

Whilst waiting for my lap my pain went away almost completely whilst having the injections. My periods stopped and I felt so much better. This gave the gynae a good indication my pain was gynae related. The MRI showed signs of Adenomyosis.

My lap showed superficial endo on my ovary and that was ablated. I am now waiting on a hysterectomy.

(I am 36 and have my family completed)

If you are unhappy go to your gp and asked to be referred for a second opinion. I felt so fobbed off by the first one I saw, and when I saw the next they seemed pissed that the first had literally done nothing.

My symptoms are painful periods terrible back pain, sciatic pain around cycle. Shooting sharp pains up bum and vagina (makes it hard to sit sometimes) terrible fatigue, headaches. But mostly the lower back pain is unbearable.

Some general gynaecologists miss endo. But also there are other tests such as MRI that can help towards diagnosing things like adeno.

I guess what I am saying is, it’s crap but don’t give up. Xxx

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