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Knowing what to do.


I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis. My appendix ruptured resulting in an emergency operation to remove my appendix. During the operation the general surgeon noticed adhesions to other areas of my insides. Because t was an emergency operation due to my appendix that’s all he removed. After the operation I was told it was an ovarian cyst that had ruptured causing my appendix to then rupture. He also said things don’t look quite right and that he was referring me to a gynaecologist. Yesterday I saw my gynaecologist who looked at my previous scans and notes from the operation. He then examined me and straight away he said yes I can feel the thickness inside. I was lucky enough to have my child at aged 20, 7 years ago now. I have never since fallen pregnant again but I just went along with if it’s meant to be it will be. I’ve also had painful heavy periods, pain during sex. Since having my daughter I’ve suffered with constipation results in all the bowel tests. All these side affects I’ve seen my doctor with had numerous gynaecology referrals and not once did they mention endometriosis.

I’m shocked that it was never mentioned before giving I’m on 27 and the amount of trouble I’ve had over the last 7 years. Everything was just blamed on child birth. I’m very thankful I have my little girl.

So my reason to coming on here was see if anyone who has endometriosis who suffers badly with painful sex when having the laparoscopy and what ever they do, did your painful sex go. This is my only main issue really sex just isn’t pleasant anymore and this is my main problem. The fertility part also came as a shock but I’m just in two minds if to have the operation it let nature take it tole. He couldn’t answer my question about painless sex after the op so have any of you ladies after having the operation gone back to painless enjoyable sex.

I look forward to hearing from you ☺️ x

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I’m awaiting my lap on the 27th after 8 months of waiting and a lot of the time being in pain. You guys both said pain after sex was your main symptom - this is the case with me - I’ve been on the pill for 12 years - don’t have heavy periods, if anything they’re light. But the pain after I have sex can be horrendous - like someone is stabbing me with a knife in the vagina and then once that subsides a horrible crushing, burning pain, like something heavy has landed on my pelvis and crushed it. I’ve had blood and sti tests and scans which have come back normal. I’m just awaiting this surgery and getting more and more anxious as I’m terrified of coming away and not having a diagnosis and being back at square one. Out of interest what stage were you both diagnosed at? And what advice did you receive post lap?

hey sorry to hear you've been through so much with no doctors listening or understanding what you're going through.

I get where you're coming from regarding sex, it's important for our relationship too :) My specialist was happy to talk about the sex aspect, it helped that my hubby came along because the consultant could ask him how he feels and what he thinks / feels about the pain during sex. The consultant talked about endo and adhesions can cause pain, so he'll have a look what he can find. He was honest and said that most of the time the intercourse pain is due to something physical and can be sorted but sometimes it's nerves and cannot be sorted but his aim for the surgery is to see if he can reduce it.

I had a diagnostic lap with removal of endo by excision (removes endo and surrounding tissue to reduce regrowth) and unsticking of organs. The pain after recovery (about 4 months) has almost gone, so we're just trying positions that don't cause too much pain. I'll need another op to remove endo from my bowel and specialist says that should get rid of a lot of the remaining pain. I'm sooo looking forward to just being able to enjoy sex any way, in any position :)

Let us know what you decide to do xx

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