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Abnormal periods.


I'm 17. I'm slightly anemic and never really had pain with my periods. but when I first started my period around age 13 . Each period was a total of five days long. A few years later I had to get 2 steroid shots and ever since then my period has been irregular, going only four days long and all over the place as far as when I start. Then here recently it went to 5 days and kind of set a normal pace. but this last period I had was 10 days long , going between the color of brown and red, then ended for one day. Then the next day I started getting a brown discharge . Today is the 7th day I've had the brown discharge and the color just changed back to the period red color. however both the brown and the red are light colors sometimes dark, but arnt ending. I'm in no pain just not sure if its something I need to worry about.

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I'm not an expert but that sounds perfectly normal to me, especially as you have no pain etc. No period is the same, sounds like it may just be a longer period x

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