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Is this my life from now on

I’m 28 and I was diagnosed with endo when I were a teen, iv been through 2 laparoscopys so far removing endo the first time then it was cysts the second in which I was told my endo was in remission, now I’m about to have my 3rd laparoscopy next week because iv experiencing all the same symptoms as the first Lapo when endo was confirmed and I just feel horrible, it seems like things foreign things grow inside me and I have to have them removed every 3-4 years I also had a colonoscopy where polyps were removed... my question is... Is this my life, forever having surgery’s, heavy periods, extreme stomach pains? I just wish it could get better iv forgotten what it feels like to not be in any kind of pain.

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Lots of gentle hugs xx

Your post resonated as I am trying to come to terms with life being chronically ill too.

Chronic pain and illness really takes it out of anyone and it is so hard to stay positive. Sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and not try to look ahead or behind.

Lean on whatever sources of support you may have, friends, family, loved ones, counselling if you havent explored it can be helpful in dealing with things. Also headspace and other cbt books and resources can be useful to try though not everyone's cup of tea. I did get some value from pain management specialists too, including eventually a helpful pain medication so bits and pieces can kind of come together to help you cope. Not to mention this place which is such a lifeline and place to vent where people understand. Who inows what future research may bring in terms of treatments and cures.

For now Im trying to focus more on the good things like my hubby and my dog and my garden so i dont let illness doesnt completely rule my life, but its far easier said that done, and we all have bleak days

Hope this ramble at least lets you know you are not alone. Thinking of you xxx

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Thank you for you kind words that speak volumes to me I do have a great life with a lovely hubby to be we’re finally getting married next year which is exciting and two handsome boys I love with all my heart, it’s just hard sometimes to be in pain all the time I know my man doesn’t enjoy me constantly saying “ughh iv got a sore stomach” but yeah seems to be my go to phrase lol I think about just recording it on my phone and pressing play 😂 but yeah as for pain relief iv been very unwell from taking tramadol in the past and I feel for u too livvi_livvi as I have been given morphine in hospital and that just made me out of it and ITCHY it was horrible I always take Panadol and nerofen but codine makes me very constipated sorry for the TMI I also deal with ibs and have been through a lot on that side of things too. I’m very glad I decided to talk on this page I feel little better about it all already thanks starry and livvi xx


Big big hugs.

I would definitely recommend a pain specialist if you've been on opioids a while for chronic pain as they can intensify pain in some people. It might well be worth trying something else. A pain specialist looks at the type of pain and can suggest things. I ended up on pregabalin which works in a different way and some people get on with duloxitine or Amytriptyline. I found retrainpain.org a very good resource too.

Take care. Xx


Your post sounds so familiar. We are the same age and I too am trying to come to terms with being chronically ill.

I have recently been diagnosed with chronic pain following my 3rd lap for endo. This now means I take morphine daily along with other painkillers. Yet I am still left with a life that looks so different to that one I had 6 months ago.

Like Starry said also I think you just have to focus on the present and live life in the moment. I try not to look back or forward but just live my life each minute at a time.

I think good friends and family deffo help along with this place. I also find a good cry every now and then is good. Personally, I like to research my conditions and treatments so spend hours on academic sites reading research papers. Finally, I find that mindfulness works for me.

Hope you start to find your way a little easier soon. Xx

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