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IUD removal


Hi, I really want my IUD removing because I think it’s making my pain worse, it’s like I can feel it’s sat there. I’m very nervous to go because when I’ve had a speculum inserted recently, it has really hurt and I’ve had to tell them to stop.

I’m not sure if I need an appointment to go or if I can just have it done at a walk in clinic, I’d prefer not to go to my GP as they were the ones who hurt me last time but the staff at the clinic were much gentler.

If I did go to my GP would they be able to offer a sedative? I’m really nervous and not sure what to do! Thanks in advance!

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Having the IUD removed is not painful at all. My last IUD insertion took 20mins and was extremely painful due to everything being tilted. I ended up removing my own IUD which in all honestly felt like a tickle and took less then a second.

I have had the exact same problem as you. Last year I had a IUD inserted during surgery, had it for 9 months and during that time I could feel it constantly!! And yes, every examination hurt like crazy. DO NOT REMOVE YOURSELF, especially if you are sensitive! I tried to get my specialist nurse to remove it, but was refereed to get it removed under anesthetic (which was SO quick) and it was the best decision of my life. I feel a million times better. Wish you all the best!

RachLL in reply to Harpyiai

I am in the exact same boat, i don;t know how it felt to have inserted as I had it done under general when i was in surgery! im terrified of speculum's!! :(

Hi, yes you can go to a walk in clinic. I did that and it was like taking a small plaster off. Really quick pull, painless and really easy. Do you know if the cords are visible? if they are its easy. If they have moved up and not able to feel them then its a lot trickier and you will definitely need to see gp and you do have the right to ask for anaesthetic or to be nocked out if you have a medical reason like pain from endometriosis. Good luck and best wishes. Don't be scared it's easy!

Thank you! This has made me feel a bit better. I can feel the cords, so that is good. I'm still a little worried about the speculum, but hopefully they'll be careful if I let them know. I'll try the walk in clinic before my GP. How long are you meant to abstain for sex before removal? I've heard I need to do that.

Mine worked for the pain for a while but I was aware of the feeling of it there and also when I would go running I would get cystitis feelings afterward. I also got slight depression and anxiety, all of these symptoms went away when I had it taken out! I’m not going to lie to you, it was really painful personally for me to have it taken out, but I also got such a big sense of relief afterwards. Good luck x

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