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Top 10 tips for living with endo

I just did a "top ten" tips for Loulou_92

so I thoguht I would add it to my blog aswell

if you want to help her with her uni work so she can gather the top ten from a wide variety of people with endo then please follow the link:


and here are my top ten:

1) If your pain often becomes unbearable around your period:

take your medication from the first twinge of pain.... do not wait until it is unbearable

2) If your pain often becomes unbearable around your period: Remember to take your pain medication with you everywhere in the lead-up to your period and during so you don;t get stuck somewhere without it....

3) Learn about your rights at work i.e. your right to request flexible working hours etc... even if you don't need this now... some day you may so keep yourself informed.

4) Make sure you read up about endometriosis and get the FACTS as often as possible.... for example if you are conserned about fertility read the EndometriosisUK leaflets about it.

5) Be assertive but polite to your doctors, they can be uninformed and dismissive at times so you need to do your own reading about symptoms and referal routes and treatment options.

6) Again be assertive, read up on all the treatment options and decide what is right for you.... if your doctor thinks one way is better for you but you have reservations then get them to explain why they think it is best and then think about it....

7) Don't forget who you are... often people with health conditions allow their identity to get swallowed up in the illness. What makes you, you? keep up with your hobbies and interests and career etc

8) Indulge in self valuing activities. Whether that is hobbies or getting a nice haircut or a massage or going for a nice meal.

9) Get counselling if you have having trouble making life affecting decisions for more than 3 months.... indecision paralysis is not a way of life but remember doing nothing IS an option too.

10) join a site like EndometriosisUK so you can get support from people who understand.

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tattontastic.blogspot.com/ my blog on 19th December 2011 gave my top ten tips



Interesting blog... have you read the book "still alice?" x


Thank you crystal_willow for the mention it'll be big help for my degree and hopefully I might be able to help others too if anyone will publish my article xx


I hope this info does get published :)


Thank you I will keep you informed on what happens with it :)


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