Hi.i have had endo for 25 years.for the last four years i have been taking provera.a few months ago all my symptons returned so my nurse has put me on cerazette.i have been taking it for just over a month and feel just awful! I am in constant pain,bloated,have gained weight,my breasts are agony and my skin is very spotty.has anyone else experienced these problems and does it get any better? Would appreciate any advice.at the moment I feel Like I don't want to leave the house.

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  • I had the same side effects as you when i was on that a few years ago, but due to migraines also i had to come off it but was glad. I was bleeding every 2weeks when on that but i lasted nearly 3months! Ask ur doctor to try a different pill but it might settle for you after another month or so but are you willing to wait n see. hope u get something sorted xx

  • I have been on a few over the years but was told because i was getting side effects from most especially migraines that i had to have the contraception jag or the coil. But was on the jag a while which did help but i put on weight and the other side effect which could be hairloss it scared me as i suffered alopecia 4years ago and when my hair grew back i was too scared to stay on it but u know my hairs been coming in and out anyway so the jag prob made no difference, hope ur app goes ok, xx

  • well if i were you either try another pill or go back to the pill you were on... as i am on depo-injection... that helps a bit... but try anything to see if it helps in the end... hope you are painfree... x

  • Thank you xx

  • I'm on depo, have it 10 weekly as by 12 weeks I'm in serious pain, keeps it at bay though for now.

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