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Is it Endo or Am i just being stupid

For months now I have suffered with excruciating pain during periods.

Theres been quite a quick change over the past 6 months, I'm having 2 periods a month, 1 of them lasting for 9-10 days, then the other that month, I'm having contraction like waves of pain, extreme nausea... terrible diarrhea and bowel ache. Fever and just general un-ableness to do anything. This terrible pain lasts for 3 days.

Am I making it all up or not

(I have had 2 cesarean sections- no smear test yet )

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I'd get it checked out it can come at anytime I've had it most of my life. Its not made up or in your head you know your body but seriously get it checked out


You need to take details of what your symptoms have been, and when in the last few months they happened, to your GP. I would expect they would do some bloods, do swabs and a smear, and when all that comes back clear refer you for a scan (to check for cysts), and if that's all clear, you should be referred to a gyn consultant.

It's a bit of a long process, and sometimes the GP will want you to try the pill (or a different pill or coil) first, but in my mind when it gets to the point where you are affected more than 50% of the time it should be a consultant who helps you. I would just strongly recommend taking a much detail about your problems to your appointments, keep a diary and try and back date it if you can. Endo UK has some good templates.

Good luck x


I was bleeding almost daily it got so bad, g.p wanted to put coil in I said find out what's going on first!! Hence the lap and endo diagnosis I had mirena fitted during lap it took months to settle down but it was worth it


I am the same. Having a lap on Monday. Did you get a diagnosis on this? Hope you are feeling better x


Well I had a scan and that was all clear and I decided to give the contraceptive injection along with tranexamic acid and buscopan a go and that seems to be helping when I have my IBS like symptoms . Since having the injection, my periods have died down but i still have episodes of once a month bowel problems exactly as i did before but minus the ridiculous bleed and contractions


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