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Next steps

Hello all, I got properly diagnosed in February for endo after key hole surgery. My endo has attached itself to my bowel so you can imagine the pain. The consultant thought fitting a coil was the next best move to see improvements.

It’s been three months now and the only improvement I’ve seen is lighter periods but the pain is still chronic and fatigue has not improved. I got told to wait 6months and go back to gp to refer me straight back to consultant but 6months to give the coil a chance but the pain is still so severe.

Would you go back early if there still no improvement? I’m just so tired, emotional, snappy and generally fed up of how I’m feeling.

Advice please

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Hey I got my coil taken out after roughly 2 months because it had made my symptoms much worse but I did have to really fight to get it taken out as they always want you to wait it out but do what you think is best for your body.

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If you've got confirmed bowel then you should be at a bsge accredited centre - your GP can refer you


Bsge accredited centre???


these are specialist centres for the treatment of severe endometriosis including disease on the bladder and bowel. NICE guidelines state that you should be treated at one if you have bowel disease. the list is here:



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