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Hi everyone! I wondered if anyone has had spotting or cramps between zoladex injections? I started having symptoms of pain again after 2 months of the 3 month injection. I have since had symptoms of adhesion pain I think so I am a little worried I’ve had a flare up between injection causing issues now.

Anyone experienced this or got advice? Thanks in advance :)

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I’m on 3 out of 6 now. Stomach pain for the first time kicked in Thursday after I’d had the 3rd. Since then I’ve been spotting, cramping and feeling like a mixture of having shortness of breath and a stitch taking my breath away both sides of my stomach. Feeling thoroughly fed up as I thought I was going to finally have some respite from the crap that is the symptoms of endo, and now back to feeling on edge wondering what tomorrow will bring. Trying to persevere until my next appointment in 2 weeks with usual pain relief and praying it all calms down again.

I’ve no idea if it’s normal, having read mixed reviews and seeing the extensive list of side effects the drug has. Are you having zoladex alongside HRT too? X


Yeah I’ve got the tibolone HRT.

Once the injection got into my system it did seem to take all my pain away like magic! I was having monthly injections and it would wear off at about week three. I had three one month injections and two three month ones. Between the two month ones seems to be when the issues started and I think it’s adhesion pain - pain down my leg, dull

Aching pain, back pain, cramps/sharp pains.

I am seeing my consultant in two weeks so I can discuss it with him but it’s very worrying and frustrating isn’t it!


Out of interest, I posted on here but never got a response. I do shift work - normally take my HRT at night before bed, so on a night shift take it at the same time, but notice 2-3 hours after get a bloat and cramps. Do you notice the symptoms worsen for you when you take the HRT, as opposed to any other time?

It’s tough for sure, I feel like it’s really taken a knock on the hormone front the past couple of weeks for me. Fluctuating between being very angry or self-pitying which is unusual for me, I can normally still find something to smile about. I’m hoping a date will have been scheduled for an op by then. Have been waiting now since December to jump through all the required hoops. Is it similar for you?


I haven’t seen my consultant for 6 months, and I’m not sure what the plan is going forward. I suspect I may need another lap to see for adhesions/endo return.

I haven’t noticed anything with the HRT. It’s definitely helped with my symptoms - hot flushes/headaches/sleep disturbances. But everything affects people differently doesn’t it.


Absolutely, on the whole it has helped massively compared to the rock bottom i was hitting starting it all. Sounds like a full trip around the diagnostic track is in order for you again 🙄


I know - argh! I’ve had the same consultant since the beginning which is great. But it’s a worry thinking about how to go forward with it all :/


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