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Secondary Endometriosis from C Section

Just wondering if anyone here is at the other end of the endo I spectrum? Rather than endo messing up my chances of kids, I got it in my c section scar whilst having my twins. I got it because I had kids, because of a sloppy surgeon, apparently womb cells get caught up in the scar by accident. No one said sorry. Didn’t know it was a risk. Had to have c section to keep my babies safe. I don’t know - how do you react to these things... it just happened.

It got worse over the years and I’m taking the pill to control it. Anyone any experience with this type of endo long term? It’s not going away and I have a Ferraro Roche sized lump near my scar which flares up with the ebb and flow.

I don’t think I have it as bad as some others, but I’m now on the endo spectrum I suppose and it makes me tired and irritable, and it’s not going to go away until I’m much older...

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This has happened to me too after an emergency section six years ago. I had a painful endometrioma removed from my abdominal wall, at the edge of my c-section scar, about three years ago. Unfortunately it didn't all get removed and is now all tangled in scar tissue from the umpteen other abdominal surgeries I have had. Bit of a mess really. I would definitely recommend, if you plan to have it surgically removed, that you do it through an accredited BSGE centre and not just a general gynae.


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