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Surgery done, not ready for a baby.. confused, upset don’t know what to do


So surgery done, removed, they’ve told me good to have a baby now but that I don’t have to.. but that it would be a good time to. I’m 27 I’m not ready my life has been on hold for a year whilst I battle this disease I want to do holidays and have fun...

They suggested I can go on the pill. Would this stop growths or just make it slow?

I’m so scared of it growing back and scared on what todo next

My last zolodex was Wednesday day before surgery so I’m protected for another month with the zolodex and most likely won’t have a period for a while...

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I would advise taking a break from it when you have fully recovered from your op and go on holiday if you can. When feeling overwhelmed with your health and the decision about when to have a baby it is hard to think straight, especially whilst you are recovering. It's too much to think about at once whilst feeling unwell at the same time. Taking time out, relaxing, will perhaps give you a different and clearer perspective on what to do next. You can also talk this over with the Endo UK helpline, they can't give advice and tell you what to do but they can go over all the options available to you and what they involve. Sometimes just having a listening ear from someone who understands can help you to come to a decision as you talk about it to them. Here are their details:

Just remember you are not alone, so many of us understand what you are going through and are here for you. Take Carex

Disease is oestrogen dependant. Make sure the doctors don't give you a pill with oestrogen in it. If you are placed on a certain pill, it can reduce the oestrogen levels and therefore reduce the growth of the disease. If you don't go on anything dependant of what stage your at, it will grow. I am stage 3 and know if I don't do the HRT then it will grow ten folds. You won't ever be cured.. but just managing it as best like you are is what you will need to do. Also don' let them pressure you to have a child. But the more the disease grows the more harder it will be to concieve. I have only one ovary now age 27 and on HRT and my other ovary is kind of functioning but I am unable to have kids. All the best

Just following because I am in the exact same position! I had my surgery in Jan and the follow up a few weeks ago - also diagnosed and told I don't have to have kids now but would be a good idea. I also don't feel ready and also have put my life on hold for the past year! I am also 27! I've just started the pill for a 6 month trial to see if it helps, so that has obviously meant I can't get pregnant atm anyway so it's given me time to think it all through. I feel like at least I'm doing some sort of treatment to hopefully slow any progression of endo and reduce the impact for when I am ready to have kids. Good luck and all the best xxx

Kate345 in reply to Lilloise

My endo was never on my tubes which is good but I guess the worry is if it grows back will it go on the tubes :(

They said I shouldn’t rush but it would be a good time to conceive as I’ll be clean in there lol but it’s not like OMG you need to do it right now as nothing is damaged.

My last zolodex was Wednesday which gives me a few more months of protection that way as that stays in your system for a while..

Then I think I’ll go on the pill


I don’t think Zolodex acts as a contraceptive, please check this with your doctor because I think it may be possible to conceive on Zolodex but my understanding is it would be harmful to the baby to do so xxx

Kate345 in reply to Hidden

Zolodex stops your periods it’s pretty impossible to get pregs whilst on it tbh it would be a miracle child they said.. I haven’t been having sex anyway, too painful!

Hidden in reply to Kate345

There’s plenty of ladies who have conceived on Zolodex, if you google Zolodex pregnancy there’s lots of experiences. Just wanted to mention to you xxx

Hormonal treatments can slow endo growth but won't stop it. Having it removed during the lap is the only way to completely get rid of it (so at the moment you should be disease free) but it will eventually grow back. I know it sounds horrible, but that's why they're suggesting you go on the pill, as this will slow the growth of the endo. As for them suggesting to you to have a baby.... that's hardly helpful advice : ( It is best to get pregnant after a lap as this is when you have as little disease as possible. Hope your surgery went well and you're recovering well, and try not to stress about the pressure to have a baby! It's your decision at the end of the day.

Kate345 in reply to h_grahh

I’m not stressing now as I’m still on the zolodex for a month so I’m covered with no period or anything for another 4 weeks.. Then the zolodex has to get out of my system which might take another few months so I feel pretty safe right now but I think I’ll feel worse when everything goes back to normal

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