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So upset & don't know what to do?!

I paid to see an endo specialist on the bsge list privately, thinking I would be on their list to be operated on and up until now I have been led to believe that was the case. My operation is this Friday, to only be told today it won't be no endo specialist off the list, someone from their fertility clinic but does excision. I have no idea what to do I've waited best part of the year to get to this after 2 failed laparoscopies previously. I really thought going about it the way I did would of ensured it much more xx

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Are you having the surgery done privately as well or as an NHS patient? If you're having it done as an NHS patient you sadly may not have your pick of surgeons but to work at a bsge centre they have to be pretty highly skilled.


No on the NHS. She's under the fertility only team, I can't find her listed on the bsge or endometriosis centre website the hospital has there's very little about this surgeon apart from family planning


What happened during your previous two laparoscopies? X


The first one they claimed at first they had ablated the endometriosis and I was kept in hospital for a few days quite rough, found out 6 months later they hadn't done anything and something technical went wrong, my next op didn't do much and the gynaecologist admitted anything deep etc he wouldn't of seen.


Sadly on NHS, seems to be you get operated on by the surgeon of that day. Is there any way to change and ensure you ge the surgeon of your choice? 🤔


Luckily the specialists secretary has been so helpful and I'm waiting to hear back how long the wait is to be operated on by them instead 🙂


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