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Hi ladies. So been in bad pain last few days. Saturday morning woke up and my left hand and fingers were very numb. It lasted about 3 hours. Then this morning i seemed to lose control of my right arm. I tried to pick up a glass and i couldnt do it my arm just seemed to drop of my own accord. Tried a few times and it seemed to come back to life. Freaked me out. Starting to think im losing the plot. The last consultant made me feel like i was going mad for thinking my leg and pelvic pain might be endo. How the hell would i even mention this? Seeing a different consultant next week in a endo specialist hospital so hopefully they will be a bit more understanding. Hoping lap will happen soon just so i know one way or another. Anyone else experienced this numbness and inability to control muscles?

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Hi there huni, please have a read about Hemiplegic migraine. It’s something related to numbness. For the first time I heard last year when my sister in law had to seek private treatment following many disappointments from NHS doctors. You may not have the same problems I hope it’s not. I thought at least you can talk and take advice from your GP.

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