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Constant pain

I'm really reaching breaking point now. I can't move from the bed to the sofa without crying my eyes out and needing help. When my partner goes to work, he makes sure I've got enough stuff around me to get me through a couple of hours, so drinks, anything to eat, etc. However it's hell when I have to get up. I've had to resort to crawling along the floor to get to where I need. Even that exhausts me. I'm currently surviving on about 1-2 hours sleep a night. I try and grab a nap in the day if I can, but most days I can't. It's so infuriating because I want to be able to go out and do things, go and get a job, go out on a drive, just do general things that normal people do every single day. Instead I have to spend about three days planning, upping my medication (which eventually causes me to suffer more) and even then it's hit and miss.

I'm just so fed up of being house bound..


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Huge virtual hugs xxx

Perhaps pick the worst thing and see if you can tackle just that to break what is surely a vicious circle of sleep loss and pain.

I was always alot more able to cope with pain if I'd slept. I also found a pain specialist consult very helpful.



How are you now?

Have you had surgeries or investigations?

Good luck



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