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Nerves about day of surgery

I had my first lap cancelled back in February and have it rebooked for this Wednesday. I’ve suddenly got super nervous about what happens on the day. I’ve been given so much detail about the actual surgery, but I’m asleep for that so not as concerned. What I’d really like to know is what happens when I get into hospital before the op (tests, examinations etc) and what happens once I wake up from the anaesthetic. Anyone’s previous experience would be a huge help to help me mentally prepare myself for what the expect throughout the whole day, I’m a super nervous patient.

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You’ll go into hospital, they’ll only take bloods if your ones from your pre-op are out of date, but you will do a pregnancy test, they’ll take blood pressure and they’ll pop you in a gown (bring some shorts and a dressing gown that you can quickly whip off before you go down, helps protect your modesty!) and they’ll give you pressure socks, your anaesthetist will come round and see you with your surgeon and this is when you can ask any questions, then you’ll wait around until they take you down and knock you out, next thing you know you’ll be waking up in recovery, everything will be fine! Just breathe and stay calm! Good luck!!! Xx


I had my lap about 10 days ago. I was expecting to speak to my consultant who is also my surgeon but on the day it was a different guy which threw me off. A few emergency laps came in so I was told I’d be cancelled (for the third time) so my nerves eased off while I was waiting in my “room” in the day surgery unit. It was quite peaceful and you see other patients which sort of calms you - I was very very nervous (never had surgery before). Then at about 5.30pm they told me I’d be going down in FIVE minutes (what!!!) so I had no time to be nervous! They wheeled me down to the theatre and everyone was super nice and tried to keep me calm. When in the anaesthetic room the anesthetist I spoke to earlier in the day had gone home!! Instead I had all these student doctors around me trying to put a cannula in (this usually happens earlier in the day!). Next thing they were injecting me with anaesthetic (I wasn’t aware until I started to feel very very sleepy) then I was out! Next minute I was waking up in recovery - it was fine because they give you lots of morphine and the nurses are lovely and there to make you feel pain free. Unfortunately I had to stay overnight as my surgery was done so late but I’m thankful I did as the nurses were giving me Oramorph all night :-) I managed to get myself to the toilet during the night with a nurse watching me and was very comfortable. It’s no where near as bad as what you think! The worst part was the car journey home (the gas pain is something else!) and the gas pain itself. Luckily that goes after a few days but what helps is hot water bottles and walking around to dislodge it. I had no incision pain or cramps just bad gas pain in shoulders and diaphragm. It was hard to sleep but you get used to it and then after a few days you feel more normal. Keep on top of your pain meds and don’t push yourself too much. A nice shower will help you feel more normal but take it easy. Make sure someone is around to help you the first couple of days - you will be well looked after! Good luck and try not to worry too much. I was the most nervous person (I started crying when they put the cannula in and debated ripping it out and running off - luckily they had put the anaesthetic in by this point and then I was asleep!) all the best xx


Hi, dear! I understand your feeling nervous before the procedure. It always feels like that.

I would just share my experience with laparscopy surgery.

We tried this while ivf cycling for our son. On the whole my lapo passed well. When they did the surgery, it was all very simple and straight forward. My kind surgeon decided to have a good look around in my insides and checked everywhere.

When I came to I was unbelievably sore. It felt like someone had turned my insides upside down and back to front. I had 2 shots of morphine after the surgery. Once I got home I had panadene forte. All up I was in hospital for just under 24 hours.

It took me about 3-4 weeks to recover enough to be able to lift a washing basket. I was very tender for the first 2 weeks. After the 5 week mark I was fine and healed really well.

I will suggest to go in with an open mind about healing time.

Give yourself as much as you need. Don't rush into trying to do things like picking up washing baskets etc. As you can do more damage and take longer to heal. Rest when you can. (This is something that I didn't get a chance to do. I suspect that's why it took longer to heal). Also if you can get people to help you, let them.

Good luck with your surgery. I hope you'll have it done smoothly, and speedy recovery xx


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